WestJet Swoop discounted bureau bureau for press prices


The Canadian tournament is looking to see if Swoop has been in & # 39; offering flights at a cost below just for a & # 39; bringing opponents out of those routes.

As originally announced by the political announcement of Blacklock Reporter, the Canadian Canadian Bureau Bureau has investigated whether Swoop has been involved in what the bureau says "reasonable price "- a & # 39; Sale tickets for less than the cost of running the plane, in the hopes of driving other competitors on that way out of business.

Swoop was launched by many of the earliest places this year, showing bottom-line prices between Canadian cities including Halifax, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Abbotsford, BC, together with a fist of sunny destination in the USA, Mexico and its. Caribbean.

Some of these routes have already been donated by Canadian conductors, including Flair Air, when Swoop started an aggressive war on prices that saw single-way prices falling down $ 40 in some cases.

After that, Flair removed some of their paths, because they could not do anything, but they did not. including Swoop's actions and their complaints to the & # 39; bureau.

"We are delighted that a Competition Bureau has been very disturbing and we launched a query about one of our key competitors' prices," said head of Flair Airlines , Jim Scott.

"Our efforts to bring sustained low fares to Canada have been hindering these anti-competitive pricing practices," says the company is willing to participate fully in the & # 39; bureau.

WestJet is owned by Swoop. Responding to an invitation to comment from CBC News, WestJet spokesman Lauren Stewart said: "WestJet and Swoop are currently compiling information in response to their Bureau research and not They will give more consideration at this time. "

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