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Why Bibi and Mark break up, give information at work and run away from it, and everything is easy to understand. When she had a problem judging and starting with a family because he was the right man for her, he invited her. And to make matters worse, the child who now wants to wait for her. What does Bibi say about the sad message, hear in the interview? And do they have any hope with Mark in the future? He also answers. And as the website is asking you. QDo you want to see Bibi's life? The screenwriters may accompany your version: write your comments under this article and on facebook Ordinace.

Surgery: Bibi runs from Kamenice

Should she forgive Bibi for Mark? Where she went – t and where does it think? – May she break everything into her head, pardon Mark and Mark back to my love. Or, having returned to Kamenice she was to be sent with Vojtafor she knows that she has always been loyal, loving and kind to her life? And what if she returns because of that it will also be heavy? Or would it she could return straight to the child"Oh, my child," replied Mark, "what did he do?" Or would she come with her new boyfriend and, at the same time, the new team's magic power – who owns? Create something you can change. So write what you want to do Bibi the next time!

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