What after lunch … What does it do your body?


What after lunch … What does it do your body? Signature to hear a little news We'll Publish tea after lunch .. What you make your body, Tea after lunch .. What do you make your body? We will publish our new news today through our charter and its. Start with the main events, tea after lunch … what do you make your body?

Contract After tea, tea is usually used in many countries, especially in Arab countries, but several medical studies have shown the harm and their effects on human health, it is not taken forward.

Many people think they are damaging to drink just tea after lunch, and there are surveys; ascertaining the rightness of the subject. But how does the tea drink its impact on its & # 39; group

According to Health Exchange, tea leaves are acidic and have an adverse effect on human body treatment when eating immediately after any other food or food.

If your food has a protein, this is the most common food, the raw material in the tea will change its protein in a way that is difficult to surround, follow to misconduct.

There are also articles connected to iron in the components of the diet, which prevents its output; body to catch it as needed.

Iron is a crucial part of creating erythrocytes that are a? carries oxygen to a cell of a body, and iron deficiency in the blood can be at & # 39; resulting in problems that may result in death.

A recent medical study shows that after-eating illness is rising more at risk to health problems associated with the disease; heart, vessels and cemeteries.

On the other hand, a Chinese medical research opened that tea is hot and tight; reducing the degree of esophageal cancer, especially when taken when smoking.

However, some studies have shown the health benefits of tea but about eating it at the right time, after the three or two food, at least two hours.

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