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Potatoes are rich in minerals such as copper, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium. These minerals help the immune system in the fight against a protective system for the organisms of the body.

What are the benefits of nuts?

  1. Protecting the health of a fever

The unsaturated and other unsaturated acid geese have an important role to play in relation to fluid health. These varieties, which prevent crochet problems in the veins and balance the blood level, are very numerous in nuts.

  1. Contributing to the organisation's development process

The body requires nutritional values ​​such as protein and amino acid to grow healthily. To include these materials in the body, the food should be properly planned. Peanuts are the third in the distribution of eggs and white meat in the protein protein and amino acid content. Taking a full of spines during the day meets about 30% of the protein they need.

  1. Remove skin problems

Vitamin E is the most important form of skin health. Peanuts help to fight against a bacterium that causes the skin to be damaged by the large amount of vitamin E inside. It's getting rid of problems like kidney and acne.

  1. Preventing the loss of hair

E vitamin E is very important for nutrients in skin and skin. It prevents the problem of spillage and makes it more vibrant and shiny.

  1. Removal of the harmful bacteria from the body

Meat nuts are boiled in some areas and consumed as such. This method will become more widespread in the biofuels of bones with four cards. Bihanth provides the dangerous cells and materials from the urine.

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