What are the benefits of the 4G calls that WOM has just implemented?


We have talked to the company about the differences in the applications for similar activities.

A few hours ago, WOM published that a 4G glazing service, now known as WiFi, is now available. However, there are still doubts about the benefits of this device. That's why we talk to & # 39; company.

In principle, the company stated that the new support will increase at least two times a speed, it will not have an additional cost and is available for pre-paid and pre-paid plans . Sang Park, destination manager, told FayerWayer about the equipment that supports this module:

It's not just for high quality equipment. We have a 50km pesos tool that works. The idea is that it is something inclusive. The only agreement is that the device is consistent. In fact, all the teams that will be released from 2019, will come with this work (see list of the main ones here).

It needs to connect to some of the wires and works to discriminate against its quality assurance; tie, to see if the call is filled with 4G or WiFi. This opens up options to improve your quality.

Although the company said that prices do not rise, there is a doubt. It can be acknowledged that it would be easier to use any submissions that allow calls, such as WhatsApp, to & # 39; pay only the cost of the data. As a result, Park Sang told us that the system they provide is more effective:

He needs to do it simply. There are issues of usage where a summary is down, but you can phone land boundaries, you will be able to meet emergency services and things that do not meet WhatsApp. For example, we could phone with a 2G phone call on a computer that is a? just serve voice.

In addition, be native, in theory, the calls are less likely to use less than an IP-wide voice solution battery based on application. This is based on the team's indigenous software and you'll be able to view an image if you talk about 4G or Wi-Fi; It is clear to the client.

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