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Who is to say, the ticket only took one semester to get the highest end of the original non-mediation zone ($ 44). The exchange rate started at $ 38 on 1 October, 2018. A lot of water ran under the bridge and more than 18% of inflation. That is, that dollar is now $ 44.8. In fact, March is lost but he gives his opinion on where he stands. Yesterday at a meeting organized by Balanz, economist Rodolfo Santangelo believed that the current value of the dollar was adequate. But what is shown in the week does not stop fear. Because of his suffering and disorder. Everyone is very nervous. And it's not for less. But the official population, as President Macri said, "keep it!" To start in April and the IMF's first export and foreign currency emissions. Thus stimulate the supply of local money. Thus, dozens of speculations, rumors, new and false news. The biggest ones heard at the tables and neighborhoods, dollarization, entrepreneurship, changes of officers, a plan against inflation, corralito, a Bonex Plan, etc. t etc. The truth is, the Presi is more than tea ready, allowing close relatives. But that doesn't mean that he keeps his spirit of fighting in his place and keeps thinking about his re-election. Although he is always going to decorate Plan B, the doubts are Buenos Aires. At the moment the Presi doesn't have the cable on the ground (playing football with its team in Los Abrojos) because it leaves for Europe. It was known that 2019 was to be a busy year, where top prize and inflation would be at the forefront, but local investors and foreigners were thinking, perhaps, that the government might be which “all studied” were not expected to occur so far to the current year. But the "Dream Team" doesn't stop wondering. This has led to more foreign funding coming over the days. Even some of the international investment banks that were planning to make a trip with clients are before the PASS, designing a couple of years before the election.

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