What are the problems with males-breeding pills?


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Men's cessation pills have passed through primary school safety tests, according to experts who attended an important medical conference in the United States.

In the pails, which are made once a day, hormone to stop sperm production. These findings are welcome along with the use of condom and vasectomy.

But, according to the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, it may take 10 years to reach markets.

Sexual application

The female reproductive pills were launched in the UK more than 50 years ago. So why do men face contraceptive problems?

Some say that social or commercial demand for a male birth control pill is not male, but opinion polls show that many men are ready to take them if they are available in the market. It is up to women to be confident of bringing them regularly.

A survey conducted by Anglia Ruskin in the UK in 2011 showed that 70 from 134 women had concerns about the partner's undertaking to take these pills regularly.

For biology, there is a challenge to send hormonal pills to men without reducing their libido or weakening their construction.

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Making results serm

Hòrmonan helps to continuously achieve sperm in pregnant people.

The problem is stopping it for time without falling the number of hormone to a point where it causes other effects.

Trials which have been tested at Los Angeles University and Washington University should achieve this aim, including informing participants at the 2019 Endocrinology Conference at New Orleans University in the United States. T there were 40 safety checks on 40 men promising to be promising.

The survey lasted 28 days, and then 10 men raised a playbo. Thirty people took oral behavior, and among those who took a drug called androgen, levels of hormone that were necessary to make sperm greatly compared to plaster, and returned to their normal standards. T after the exam.

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Male pill

Carrying out buildings

The impact of this drug was small and small. She said five men who ate the pills a little hope in their lack of sex. Two men said there was a short erectile procedure and that sexual activity was still normal.

No one stopped taking drugs as a result of the incident and everyone went to safety checks.

"Our results suggest that these pills, which connect two hormonal activities at a time, reduce sperm production while maintaining a sexual desire," said Christina Wang, development manager. However, more tests and longer tests are needed to prove that they are an appropriate method of birth.

A new way

The drug is not the only genetic method for men who are responsible for the hormones that Wang tests. Her colleagues and colleagues have built a generation of people behind and their daily skin's shoulders, so their skin can be absorbed.

The progestin hormone, which is available in the generation, stores the results of natural testosterone in the tests, which reduces the production of sperm to low or near zero levels, and the other option of hormone testosterone in formation. libido and other activities that rely on the hormone.

Meanwhile, Wang and Stephanie Begg and her colleagues in the University of Washington School of Medicine have experimented with another collection – DMAU – that men can eat daily by mouth as a way of preventing it.

100 people have now shown that they are safe enough to move to the next stage of testing.

Since odd

Other scientists are trying to give hormone tips to help birth control and are used for long periods in the form of a single monthly injection.

However, registration for a second phase, for safety and efficiency, was canceled following a number of volunteers reporting an impact on side effects or depression.

For those who don't want to use hormones, researchers can look at alternative ways to prevent spam flow and prevent them from effective punishment, such as stopping punishment. 'duct canal in a unsuspecting way.

Vasyl gel, a chemical that is inserted into the spermicidal pages from the right and the witnesses who may be used as an effective form of male or hormonal contraception, is being developed. it can be returned to normal.

This technique was only confirmed by animals now, but more recently researchers have also been awarded funding for their human examinations.

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Between 1998 and 1999, the University of Edinburgh carried out tests and experiments for the improvement of oral oral antibodies.

Maybe there was a basket

Professor Richard Anderson of the University of Edinburgh will be carrying out an exam in the UK to test disease against pregnancy in the UK.

He said the pharmaceutical sector was slow to support the idea of ​​a new male genital mutilation despite good evidence that men and partners welcomed an additional option.

"I believe this sector can create buyers and markets of buildings," he said. "It took a long time, and lack of funding had been played."

Blocky history

The researchers were responsible for the project's funding to develop the building on grants and research grants, and it took a long time.

"Manpower status or male finite status has been controlled through a fairly unsuccessful windfarm so far, and it's great to be trying to make new arrangements to prove them," says Alan Bassi, masculinity professor. University of Sheffield. "The key thing is that chemical companies are sending this result to the market if the tests are successful."

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