What can impactors do? Civil case by Cathy Hummels


Updated on 10 February, 2019, 19:30

Cathy Hummels, the Hummels Mats football player, test on Monday. It is alleged that the Instagrams know what; ban advertising the portraits.

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In front of the Munich district court, on Monday (10.00) with the participation of the Chairman of Hummels, a well-known Instagram, a nationally important legal case for engaging with the PR business: what information responsibilities do & 39; related to influenza? The judges have ordered the order of a professional Hummels Mats woman to order. He is a Socialist Competition teller, famous in professional cycles for his many Berlin Berlin warnings. Responsibility: Cathy Hummels on portraiture Instagram advertised advertising.

"Pay Partnership"

Reason for a lawsuit: Hummels has advertised contracts with several fashion companies. These donations indicate the producer; such as "paid partnership". The club is prescribed for 15 posts that this advice was not. In July, Hummels had given a warning in one of these cases, but in the other cases she wants to fight for her, as, according to his lawyers, the contributions are tied to consideration. The club has attacked Cathy Hummels that is affecting others, including Pamela Reif's fitness model.

Renewal process

Its & # 39; process is not; Hummels fans do not just have interest. As the process affects its & # 39; A question that celebrities can recommend products or services their free, free, and not discriminating against law. Employee recruitment is typically paid in many businesses, including business-based companies such as Siemens with expert contracts.

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