What did Renault pay for the wedding of the old Prime Carlos Ghosn


Wedding Carlos Ghosn

The Renault people are doing itabout the arrested leader, Carlos Ghosn: The craftsman paid 50,000 barley for a ghosn ghosn wedding in 2016 with his friend Carole.

The French merchant found that Carlos Ruisn's personal use of the gift for charity purposes was deducted of € 50,000 after the inspections carried out on 23 November 2018. The "donation" called it would be used to Gósn's marriage, which took place at the Versailles Palace near Paris.

PHOTO GALLERY from the wedding of Carlos Ghosn to Versailles

Renault has given all the writing papers to the authorities about the contribution that helped to organize Reuters reports. Businessman lawyer, Jean-Yves Leborgne, says that nothing knew anything about his help.

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"The Versailles area where the event was delivered without cost, and Mr Ghosn was not aware that Renault would have been paid and paid. Carlos Ghosn paid for the cost of his own wedding."

Famous Castle Versailles is one of the main tourist venues in France. Renault and the authorities in charge of their castle have reached an agreement with which they have a " car company which supports the renewal of 2.3 million euros in the Versailles area. On the other hand, Renault is getting Versailles worth the services […]

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