What did "Turki Al-Sheikh" say about his "cancer" news?


Economist: He said
Economist: What did "Turki Al-Sheikh" say about "cancer"?

Welcome to our beloved visitor on the economic website: What did "Turki Al-Sheikh" say about his "cancer", where we are; Trying to be good to continue on our site. "Turki Al-Sheikh" has news about his "cancer", which I really appreciate, that the historic site is the economic site of the world. Including the latest developments in the Arab and international sectors, Where we look for the most important news from the websites and news, economic, newspapers: what he said "Turki Al -Sheikh "tells of his" cancer "news, which will be displayed on our site, what" Turki Al-Sheikh "did about the" cancer "news, so you can continue all something new in the news world.

Monday, November 19, 2018 4:45 am Economist executed Turki Al-Sheikh – President of the Sports Sports Authority of Saudi – as he was about cancer.

"Al-Sheikh" in a tweet through his account "Twitter social network site": "Cancer … a two-bit spirit … and later".

And the Egyptian media player Ahmed Afifi responded to the scene, saying: "After you have done, Abu Nasser, protect our Lord and bless you your health."

Factors were spread through the social network sites about "Al-Sheikh" to America to cure this disease, but with their " This guitar finished the facts.

We do not forget the pages of our website through the social network sites of the economic site, to bring you the most important and up-to-date political, sport and sport news from the economic website, What did Turki Al-Sheikh say? about his "cancer"?

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