What did "Turki Al-Sheikh" say about his "cancer" news?


What did "Turki Al-Sheikh" say about his "cancer" news? The Al-Forsan network said that the Egyptians published what you said "Turki Al-Sheikh" about his "cancer" news, What did "Turki Al-Sheikh" about the news about "cancer"? he? We are sending you our news stories today through our network of knights and starting with the most prominent news, what did "Turki Al-Sheikh" about the "cancer" news?

Prince Turki Al-Sheikh, chair of Sports Sports Authority, is surrounded by cancer.

Al-Sheikh said in a tweet through his Twitter account: "Cancer … two sizes in spirit … and another measure."

And the Egyptian media player Ahmed Afifi responded to the scene, saying: "After you have done wrong, O Abu Nasser, protect our Lord and bless you your safety."

Factors were spread through the social network sites about "Al-Sheikh" to America to cure this disease, but with their " This guitar finished the facts.

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