What did we do to the good day yet? voting Best Film of the Year


Editors of the Sports Street to the main feature of the film "What did we do to the good day yet?» January 1st, 2019 during the advance advance of the film that will be released on 30 January in the playgrounds. The most popular film of the French population is a reasonable continuity. We are just getting the same pride and the actress Claudia Tagbo welcomes a new post which could create a good dispute.

What did the Verneuil family do to the good day?

Claude and Marie Verneuil, played by Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby, play as part of a Catholic couple. disappeared. They have 4 daughters and include the families that are very close and proud of their roots. Comedy stereotypes and abusiveness that show parents who are very tired about strangers. They learn in the first part that their youngest child will marry a black man, the eldest three who are already married to foreign-born men. The family grows very cosmopolitan quickly with a Arab, other Jewish, also Chinese, and eventually Charles, African.

New Cause

He gave time to Verneuil to accept their own son, but the family reunions were better and better and the family saw the last thing. However, this simple climate will stop illness quickly when it decides to leave the 4 French borders to settle abroad. Odile and David want to move to Jerusalem, Chao and Ségolène in Shanghai, and Isabelle and Rachid are coming to Algiers in Algiers and Laure and Charles is in a hurry. A dream about going to Bombay. All couples, whether professional or personal, have reasons for everyone to move away from France, a country where they are unlikely to succeed.

Operation Long live France

Claude and Marie Verneuil are in the fish after these stories that their family hit again. It is not impossible for them to leave their daughters in France to live abroad. They will then start rehabilitation to change their minds and in particular so that they can do so; love France again, this country they love are so fond of. At the same time, we also found the Koffi family, Charles's parents, back in France for news that they might have to do with Claude Verneuil. It is expected that Viviane Koffi, their daughter, is married but details may be & # 39; abolish André's father.

Our opinion

We loved this new film, it's funny and full of clichés, but it's so good that the scenes are sad from beginning to end. We find Christian Christian as we do; enjoying talking and listening to. Simply support that reminds us some of his resemblances and an incredible image in previous roles.

Settlements are even more comic and funny than others, but especially news that has a great deal of concern for the French and Ivorian favorite family. With joy, we're sorry for the actors to go to; ask us "What do we do to the families of the day Dia Verneuil and Koffi?".

Speaking with many "polemics" as and when the film, Claude, Marie, Andrew and Madeleine are fascinating and changing the new ways of the community.

In a short time, we chose this best film of 2019 and we find it even better than the first installment.

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