"What did Zlatan do when he was 17?"


Benjamin Nygren after his match against Örebro.
Benjamin Nygren.

IFK Gothenburg, such as Poya Asbaghi ​​will be lifted, rebuilt to be able to climb back to the longsvenska peak.

This year there are a lot of interesting young players.

The one who would paint is perhaps the best name in the future may be: Benjamin Nygren.

The 17-year-old, who has been hunted with the biggest clubs in Europe before signing a team-name with IFK Gothenburg, has already been familiar with all Swedish matches and put on a runner-up. two goals against Örebro in the final game of the last season.

Former blue-keeper Tobias Hysén last night said: "Nygren is the most outgoing person – and when his columnist GTus Mark Wulcan breathed the days of the top ten talents in the west of Sweden, b

IFK Coats Gothenburg Poya Asbaghi.


"What did Zlatan do when he was 17?"

But to make sure the person who is in charge of IFK Gothenburg 2019 gets the wrong, the case will come with Blåvitt Poya Asbaghi's coach.

– I have built Benjamin Nygren as an accomplished talent. Then I can't identify how often I want because I know at the same time how much weight we will get. Here there is a player who has high potential – and as I once said it, but perhaps especially because it is very young on White Blue – so the expectations are dazzling. for "Benja" well, very much, Poya Asbaghi ​​said in the latest part of BBpi and development: t

– When he missed two visits after two training games, people think that: “What happens to Benja? "But it is 17 – what did Zlatan do when he was 17. He's hardly playing football then. Benjamin Nygren does it and he does for Blåvitt in allsvenskan. That's great. But the hopes • Yes Don't be as great as they used to be.

The blue and white coach admit it feels very worrying.

– Benjamin if anyone is good at dealing with pressure – but he must also have a coach that comes to him and says that the papers are unfair if it is.

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