What do customers care about when they are? smartphone buying? Battery is the most important feature


Although the smartphone manufacturers of the races make up the latest technological advances to the new smartphones, a recent Morning Consult study has revealed that battery life is still developing the interests of the customers, possessive US smartphones, ahead of usage, storage and sustainability.

Interestingly, many of the latest technologies in smartphone technology, for example, are genuine truth, better face-to-face, among the features that consumers do not care about.

What are smart phone buyers already

Important features for users:

– Phone Battery … enjoyed by 95%.

– easy to use .. Choice with 93%.

– Storage space .. 90% required.

– Sustainability … needs 88%.

– Camera quality … 86% needed.


** There are no important features for users

– Fitness management tools … 39% need.

– Digital health devices. 37% are needed.

– Recognition … Need 33%.

– the control of parents … need 32%.

– Realistic truth tools, improved truth … essential by 30%.

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