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It took a long time, but after that we were waiting. Against DSC opposition, we welcomed the continuation of the hunter's story. How did he work and was he waiting to wait? Let's come along and find out about Grave Red, the ruined demonic sonone. I don't go around the filthy. Because you might have learned from the internet, the fifth form was successful. Developers didn't lie, and after they had finished a story of 15 hours I have to agree to it.

  • Based on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (revised)
  • Dissemination Date: March 8, 2019
  • Sex: Action Adventure, Hack and slash
  • Check Logging: No.


This time Devil May Cry 5 takes us to Red Treasure, where an interesting tree appeared, and after all the village was flooded and flooded. Dante wasn? T going to defeat the case and find out who was responsible for all of this. Behind the monster's attack is the demonic king Urizen, who is trying to take control of people's world, but now our heroes never expected. The battle is going down. You lose and Dante is in an unpleasant situation. The month will be, alongside Nero and the secret number V, you have completed a trip to save Dante and save the world from a new threat. But be careful, you don't have much time, the tree is growing quickly and trying to destroy the world.

That is to explain the stories, which, like the whole series, are changing's funny sections with a real tone, and going well. It's not excellent work, but he's always had a charm and once I've learned the emotions for me, I really want to know more – attention. The real talents of these characters are the characters and the V.

The Devil May cab 5 has two levels of difficulty at the first time before moving on. A man for new recruits (here I play) and the other for old soldiers. On a lightweight problem, the game, with a few things, is not a challenge and you just enjoy the murder on the screen. After finishing, you open a heavier problem, which is a bigger challenge. However, your character still belongs to all the improvements and plowing you have collected for your first pass.

In addition to key initiatives, you will have the opportunity to carry out specific initiatives. To run this you need to meet a light puzzle and progress to challenge. The challenges of the last 15 seconds are in the air, 5 enemies were killed in 5 seconds and so on. When completed, you will receive prizes in plowing.

New and old ones

Devil May Cry 5, old clothes that people know as Trish or Lady flutter. But of course you are interested in the skin that we can kick these distances for this time. Your shop has three heroes. There is a new character coming into the game, which says V. Nobody knows where he came from or who is from it. In addition, you have a famous Nero and finally, Dante, indeed. Your part is finished by Nicoletta Goldstein. It is not a character that can be played on this character, but its character is as great as a character that it makes me more irreplaceable in the story and that it is only the driver of a dread, t and at the same time as a weapon that shocked many different features, especially for Nero.

The game promised to choose from three characters that can be played. I can't say that is not true, but it's not a mission where you can play for that or that character. But see how our three play.

Orb here, orb where I look

Certainly old soldiers know that the eagle system worked in the series, but I'd like to explain it to new people. On the way you will plow with different colors. They are picked up from one of the enemies you have affected or are falling everywhere. The Redcoats are the money you buy for your new skills to buy and combos for your heroes. The green builds up with health, purple supports the power of demographic power and so on.

The conflict system is very complex, someone who always gets a job is benefiting here and every character is played a little different. But most of the party is V. Her character was very uneasy at the beginning. Over time, however, I enjoyed speaking about the silence and more interesting than the young Nero. But V doesn't fight alone, but he uses help from his demons. A shadow in the shape of a whirlwind specializes in a short area, with a larger Sabon Griffon from the distance and latterly we have a Nightmare which pulls enemies to the ground. . But don't worry, you will be bored in the fight as you scraps scallops. You still have to control your animals. You mix combos, but most of you are controlled from a distance. Your job is then to put the final blow on.

Each character has its own combs that can be updated to higher levels. But I cannot feel that Nero was very poor. The other thing is worth saying that it was his robotic hand. It's a great weapons and there are lots of types you can change. However, their properties are very small, so I didn't have to investigate this system any further. Dante has a very small coffee. Offering is the most common weaponry, and if you don't, you can look at one of the four styles of reproduction. Would you like to have a gun gun handling guns? Or would you prefer a swordmaster to hand the demons into cubes? But I don't recommend the Gunslinger because the guns in this work play the second fiddle and support them. Of course, weapons for a different conflict do not give a key part.

It's good to see RE engines

I have nothing to worry about the audio-visual. RE Engine displays its properties. As a PlayStation 4 player, the game ran smoothly and consistently with a 60-bit steel frame. In particular, fans of the circular field progress. All sorts of sparks and similar things are very common. It will also damage the environment. Don't wait for a Battle, but boards, chairs, monuments can be erected and it looks quite nice. It's my reflections. For some scenes they weren't so cold. However, the PC may be completely different. Short views are very well managed and slow moving views make your life away with the quality of an animation. And not many. Film fans will be very happy.

Music is also good. Each character has its own action music and everyone chooses. Would you like to have a new technology? You have it. Rooms? They can even get this place here. The joy however, was made by Dante's hard fabric from the great mainland of Self-Man.

Planning is a lot of planning, although you might especially find in the second half that you will see a kind of environmentally friendly training when you are still moving to within the demonic tree and if you aren't, thinking about 39 the environment could be very unstable. However, the developers in the pocket had few drugs in their pocket, and even here they would sometimes be surprised by an unconventional concept.


Cry May May Cry 5 has errors as a recycling light. Boss fighting is really big, so you can be confused when the camera is tightly locked on the kettle and you don't have a chance to look around and see where the green green orb is going to fill my life. So you run a blind while the camera still targets the headteacher. Many dolphins are not. You can distribute the camera voluntarily, but there are places to jump and connect a fixed camera, and then a kind of water. And the last great meal is loaded up in the menu. When you want to change a topic, you are loading. There is not a long time, but uploaded to the menu? Go on.

Maybe you are saying: But Honza, the game has an average score of 84% and your words don't look like that! Now I'll tell you. For a long time I was asking what mark the game would give. But I wasn't sure that this game was well developed.

Throughout the game, developers give you new techniques. Normally it is not something that changes dramatically in a game. But he tells me one thing. The authors didn't pass out at the time of the development and still tried to offer something new for players who would benefit from their play experience. It is small things, but the more serious things that frustrated me from giving the game higher, these are the few good things I showed the game was working with love and effort t to create something really good. And that's why I am watching this game with respect and I am very pleased with the screenwriters, designers and programmers who are working hard to give us a quality one-player experience. Keep it up …

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Cag May May 5

We like it

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Complex duplication system
  • Dante has an ageless feeling
  • Excellent films
  • Appearance of demons

He is deceiving us

  • Sometimes a camera is invisible
  • Contains the menu for the game
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