"What do you mean Calhanoglu and Paquet"?


Rino Gattuso is happy. Milan was ranked fourth with a strong influence against Cagliari. "We've had a good football, I've liked the team for a while, and we have a good luck today, I must say." The Games race will live. "Fourth place – to keep it you need to train, want to be together. The word should not exist, just & # 39; – for so many years that are not Milan is fighting in spring for a place in the European League, now we are here and we have to work to live there. "

The Rossoneri players under the southern corner of the game. Lapresse

The Rossoneri players under the southern corner of the game. Lapresse

protagonists – –
Many roses, a few pages: Calhanoglu can not be deleted. "Haka is a fool in because he can make a visit and he excels his weight that he is there. Finally, I saw him pulling two or three mines even though he can pull it harder. Hakan in terms of quality, and I always say that I can give much more But a player that causes so much for the player, and People who remember it well, do more, but we keep it tight, like every player, I do not throw a person at sea, they are all important. He likes the agreement His dad with Paquet, he has been criticized illegally, he may have used the fans well last year, not against the face of his outdoor battle, and I know it too, but it does it and I like it. "Basic in the two interventions of Gigio Donnarumma. "Yesterday, I said Magni has had a value for his work, this year we've changed Fiori that I wanted." The fortune that I received as a Queen as Queen does not just think of her garden but he has put it in hand. Danny's job. He knows I'm not just enjoying her. say & # 39; bravo but also a & # 39; worrying, changing friendship, big boy is now longer, there is a great respect, but it's not just & good; but even when it's wrong ".


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Milan might have been better at the beginning of the year, but it was not always a collection than it was & # 39; cur. "In the first 7-8 days we made our own goals, but we played incredible football games, now we're thinking about more than two levels, even although Suso raised a complaint in an interview that we also need protection ". Slowly, even the rose causes disasters, with the wounds returning. "Returning to Biglia? It will be a huge problem with this Bakayoko, but we will think of it," Gattuso is a " closing.


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