What do you miss after the crack?


Wednesday 21/11/2018 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

A producer said he lost a lot after a girlfriend.

The story of a "true story of love" between Kieu Minh Tuan – Nguyen was expected to be settled, and on 18/11, the Nguyen built on the page was one of the three main characters.

Beautiful film Wait until tomorrow Cat Phuong is behind the story, which puts the humorist out of his / her own business; use the "true love" to stimulate truths.

However, An Nguyen discovered that Kieu Minh Tuan's own birth and real feelings, so the place of listening to Cat Phuong, were both public relations.

You have to know what is wrong, Kieu Minh Tuan was lost after the crackdown? - 1

The Nguyen accepts his & # 39; Kieu Minh Tuan's love when he's filmed.

The only one left in the middle of the storm?

But then Cat Phuong and Kieu Minh Tuan held a press conference in October to complain to the audience. Star I'm not 18 I am promising to & # 39; Many people hurt, including Cat Phuong – who has been with him for a long time.

Cat Phuong also said that her son was not young but burned sunny and that moment was over, and they continued to work and her. life.

At its news conference, b & # 39; Cat Phuong is the most divide woman. With tiredness, Kieu Minh Tuan is only a ginger response. After disturbing the producer and the film team Do not take my mother, almost not quiet.

In the middle of public attitudes again, he began to say "a love story as long as he was The bride's wife is 8 years old"Kieu Minh Tuan was silent. She quickly went to Facebook. At the same time, Cat Phuong was criticized by her community.

Previously, the actor born in 1988 had just returned the 900-million dollar catalyst to the producer when the movie "sold" flat because of the impact of a crackdown; love. But, Binh Duong left, the meat well still, they would making a case with the couple.

You have to know what is wrong, Kieu Minh Tuan was lost after the crackdown? - 2

Cat Phuong was criticized in the "stairsme".

The only man in the story is to stay silent and "disappear" from social networks, so it moves on whether they should settle on the situation or just And doing things worse?

Cat Phuong and An Nguyen, no one is protected by the fans, and no one can say who has been criticized heavily. But in the "storm", Kieu Minh Tuan can not escape too.

An internet community believes that the star rises from the Vietnam screen "similar to An Nguyen but still does not leave Cat Phuong." As soon as he and the vlogger a & # 39; including love, and promised to defend this relationship in the "stormy" public opinion, shortly after, he is with Cat Phuong and his wife; complaining that many people are disturbing the emotional content. South Westerly

Kieu Minh Tuan's trust is to ensure that the story has been uncertain and does not know; the public what their real emotions are. Many people stated that the actor lacked skill, human being.

Kieu Minh Tuan has two versions in the "war" between Cat Phuong and The Nguyet. He does not have his own voice, like a cuippet drawn by a man or another.

Kieu Minh Tuan is the star after the "true love film" story?

Kieu Minh Tuan attended Film School. After graduating, he followed Cat Phuong to establish a comedy group, playing in large and smaller places in Saigon and in other areas.

For many years now, he has appeared in film projects, but he still participates in a schoolmill, not much land. The movie Large market account from Charles Nguyen to help other pictures Kieu Minh Tuan, and then the problem is not under a licensing license.

In 2017, the team I'm not 18 A news conference containing the movie, and # 39; Kieu Minh Tuan's first part as the male leader of the screen. Suddenly, no one believes he "rip". But the film was overlooked, Kieu Ming suddenly after a night. It became a star to make people amazing.

You have to know what is wrong, Kieu Minh Tuan was lost after the crackdown? - 3

Kieu Minh Tuan always keeps silent.

Unfortunately, his continued success, Kieu Minh Tuan was featured in a series of films that were not under the auspices. He did not have an amazing piece afterwards. Face face 3 praising and selling, but Li Hai is still a shadow of how successful the film was.

But worth mentioning after the magnificent scandal, the name of Kieu Minh Tuan was greatly reduced. Producer in the game program, asked the anonymous film to be divided: "After the soundtrack, people are scared to invite Kieu Minh Tuan to make a film. In the middle of this film, it is difficult to rely on filmmakers, because of Tuan's important place for fear of being removed. "

Another representative from the unit said:I do not know and the loch does not have any extra care. But Kieu Minh Tuan's case is true that it's easy to get up, but it's important that the artist continues after the star or does not. Hoai Linh has not been active for many years but is still a special spot in the showbiz, what's the reason for.

One person published in the prostitute after the sound screened, Kieu Minh Tuan lost an advertising contract. "But not all. Kieu Minh Tuan has a new reputation. He must restore the confidence of his or her people to see their true equity. " he said.

Kieu Minh Tuan returned 900 million due

His actress recognized the sound between her lover and The Nguyen who made the movie "Uncle Mae Do not Take Me Baby".

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