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Tuesday, 11/20/2018 18:59 PM (GMT + 7)

Many Vietnamese artists are placing their belief in Nghe courses, especially in Vuong Beard, and he has known in Cong Phuong a unique thing.

The game between Vietnam and Myanmar is considered to be the vital game in the AFF Cup for the Vietnamese team on November 20. Millions of dollars go to the stadium in Myanmar to watch and watch. Enjoy the home crew away.

With Vietnamese artists like Chong Vuong (often known as Vuong Thanh), he always looks at Vietnamese team games. Although he is busy at the end of the year, Vuong always enjoys the team.

"Due to its timetable, at AFF Coup, I need to look at the phone, if I am on the phone or on television, I like our players. That's rarely I'm going out, because every time I see very good traffic.

Myanmar in the AFF Cup: What is Cong Phuong saying about Chong Phuong? - 1

Comedian Vuong Bean or watch football but fear of the garden due to traffic

Talk about the game this evening, Vuong Beard will be a expect Vietnam to win 3-1 or 2-1. "This game is in the level of the group but we play in the field away, and in particular this game is the most competitive competitions and competitions like that it will be very difficult for our Vietnam team. "

Asked about the team's assessment, Vuong Beard said: "With 32,000 sets and Vietnam fans, 2.4,000 seats, I think today that the Myanmar team is greatly enhanced by the fans. But there is a pressure that their team needs. "

Speaking about fans, Vietnam is always a country of crazy football fans. However, the observers were still shooting messaging on the platform in Vietnam's victory over Vietnam at My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi) recently.

When asked: "How do you think about such a complaint?" The male humorist said: "Many times ago I said, among millions of spectators, true fans are also Thousands of fans move, they have a taste of taste.

Although people do not only see the east, understand what football. Then they throw a rubbish, they will go; Burning flares … affecting the profile of Vietnam team.

With a football relationship, the artist Vuong Braun will reduce the "pot cook worm" images to fans of a friendly and courteous image of the Vietnam AFF Cup football fans.

Myanmar in the AFF Cup: What is Cong Phuong saying about Chong Phuong? - 2

Cong Phuong and Quang Hai always receive two players; get the love of love of the audience

Also in our game; Previously, Cong Phuong was a two-time victory player on Vietnam against Laos and Malaysia. Many Vietnamese artists believe in Nghe.

"I always respect Cong Phuong, and, indeed, Quang Hai, I'm really in love with this game, I hope your two of you will be happy, aims and give a happy time for Vietnam fans. "

"Con Ph Phuong is not now, but I'm so fond of you! A delight for the children, as well as the team" – the artist Cong Vuong is inspired by the Chong Phuong base.

Myanmar in the AFF Cup: What is Cong Phuong saying about Chong Phuong? - 3

"I have a time when I am lonely, a child, and I am under heavy pressure," Coinnich says about Chong Phuong.

Ask about the Hang Park Park Here in the eyes of the audience, the actor said: "I, as the team's fans, always expect a Vietnam coach.

And Mr Park will be the main event of this competition. I'm thinking of pragmatic football philosophy and knowledge, it will create astonishment for this year's AFF Cup.


After the surname called "Princess", a fan holder has a Van Lam visit the Vietnam team …

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