"What do you think?" Bich Phuong and creative director Denis Deng were asked.


On the afternoon of 18/11, Bich Phuong launched a new music output entitled "Sister Lift Me". This is also the last MV of the "Vietnam Vietnam" project that Bich Phuong and his team have been waiting for the two years to "Say goodbye, do not put my heart" and "Jewelery Jewelery".

After the first time, "Lift Me Up" received a lot of praise from fans for a new friendship theme, pop-Moombaton music, fashionable and the image was stolen. However, this music output is also unhappy that there are consistent ideas when a number of scenes in the MV have said that a religious bond is like to break eggs. Easter, arrow arrows, which look like & # 39; price cross or surrounded by the image of the mother of Maria but attacked the dragon monster … Given this question of fans, both Bich Phuong and Denis Deng – the creative leader of the MV are split to clarify the problem.

MV You're building me – Bich Phuong

The image of the Phuong Bich is next to a straw pipe as a fire that burns or cans; Breaking eggs for Easter in the MV too; Give the audience a lot of ideas.

Phuong Bich Region, initially not expecting to talk about this case. However, due to the likelihood of the MXH against her message she is as good as her & # 39; crew to voice her & # 39; Sing "Love jewels" depend on the voice. She said that this was just because of herself, but more importantly, to return the purely humanity to the song "Lift Me Up" as well as the whole representative image.

Thus, Bich Phuong has given a detailed description of the factors mentioned as a religious link in the MV as follows:

– About the eggs in the MV, in addition to their understanding and crew, eggs contain eggs, plastic eggs, eggs on the outside of the outer cocktail eggs. The eggs are raw eggs in the eggs. It is a pair of yards in each egg – the male character has been badly injured and its; KiNa's child refuses when she knows she is pregnant. Although Bich Phuong was angry and unhappy, Bich Phuong's character allowed KiNa to come and feel more comfortable, without any religious influence.

– On the Archery and Crossing, Bich Phuong said that anyone knows what he is doing; Look at the MV that burns and burns the stomach pipes, not it; cross.

– With regard to the image of Bich Phuong in the MV, she discovered that she was a woman, not Mary. She asked her to wear a uniform with Mary's image; means that she was converted to Mary. So the singer did nothing to crush the image of Mary, as well as to burn the image of Our Lady in the MV.

– About the image of a baby dragon born, Bich Phuong said that the dragon is a symbol of strength, then he spared the girls, not monsters. And Bich Phuong in that vision is only a sister to give her sister and she will not change her mother to carry dragons.

Finally, Bich Phuong stressed him: "Throughout the 7th anniversary, Phuong always believes that the one who never has to use scanned scams, especially with songs with such human messages, Phuong and his team Never use credit to get attention. I think the above definition is coming to those who need to hear it, and I hope Do not believe in the positive messages Phuong wants to send. This life has been very tired already, we let connecting messages over each other and just think of every lighter thing. "

MV What do you think about the religious connection, which Bich Phuong and creative director Denis Deng say? - Picture 3.

On the side of Denis Deng, he noted that the story was written in a world of visual language in every product, with all levels of feelings, happy, sadness, happiness, suffering, disturbance. .. He also said that there is never room in the world for blasphem or crime. "And when Bich Phuong and Cookie Tien were convicted of creating a world for" Lift me up, "this principle has not changed. That's the world's multi-color difference between the cultural features of Vietnam and the world to maintain the strong feminine spirit, which continues to affect the strict phobia in relation to violence, famine, single mother … "- Denis Deng said.

The paintings made by Denis Deng have been prepared as the MV construction process "Fallen brother's building" also on the state line.

In terms of the MV's sensitive details, Denis is very clear: "The world empowers the woman to protect herself through the image of her bow sister in straw puppies (not a cross as a friend of some relatives). Sprouts of the world hope to have an egg image hidden dirty colors. There is little joy in the moment when the eggs are undoubtedly stimulated by the eggs game; Easter today.

The world creates creativity; women with information about her sister who catches dragon eggs, which is a sign of lasting power in her; most cultures. And so, just before creating the world, she has never been worried about raising his religion."

However, he also acknowledged that some of the dressing options and props had been in & # 39; creating societies that some obscene observers have made. When they got the feedback, it was very difficult feeling and it would notice changes to the following projects.

MV What do you think about the religious connection, which Bich Phuong and creative director Denis Deng say? - Picture 5.

Denis Deng is the creative director of many MVs such as Bich Phuong, Bao Anh, No Girl, "Faililte deoil a dh 'fhag" (Duc Phuc) …

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