What does Dana White mean when he says that Sage Northcutt & # 39; need some work & # 39;


Just when the Sage Northcutt display was to start and # 39; fulfilling some of its commitments, the UFC appears to have been up and off.

And probably a better way of submitting, the fight is on choosing to restart it for another season. Not right now, at least. And the explanation for that is very much, if it's not really amazing.

As President UFC, Dana White, said to the hosted "UFC Unfiltered" podcast, his "let (Northcutt)" company was after he was able to " fighting out his contract; he had a three-fight streak.

"Sage is young, and Sage needs to work," said White. "It will take some work in some other organizations, and we will see where the kid is finished in two years. We may return it again."

At the beginning of this statement is & # 39; appear somewhat false. Northcutt has been in the UFC for three years now. It is 6-2 in different weight classes, with its ultimate benefit coming through TKO that is very spectacular over Zak Ottow, It was enough that Northcutt challenged the challenges.

It is also because of the rooted nature of the time, older than now. So, how is his youth and now experiencing a breakthrough when he has not had any problem every three years ago, when he was a bit worse; young and not well known?

The answer is easy for spectators of this sport. Typically, it's not White; It means just what he says here. This promoter speaks and needs to be demolished until you reach the exact definition.

For beginners, think about how Northcutt arrived at UFC. After being featured on the first Dana White webpage, "Dana White: Lookin for Fight," signed the UFC with a 5-0 record and just a bit more a year like a shoe.

He also received an uncommon access contract, which earned a salary of $ 40,000 to appear and won a further $ 40,000 in just his second war with the UFC. (The person who hit that night, Cody Pfister, just $ 12,000 for his third struggle by the increase).

Such things got people's attention. So he also made the whole man who was almost atrocious at Northcutt. He had a smile for Colgate. He had a white hair. He had the tan and his muscles. The UFC would have ordered a special type of TV-friendly friendly disaster from being largely outdated.

Given that he had "got out" on the White show itself and then paid much more to most of the newer people who were in a position; hitting the opponents who seemed to have been chosen hard because they did not affect such a story. The UFC wanted Northcutt to do something, and hereby it would not be rejected.

So, how we came to an end here, there are three and eight years later, at the time it is being done. Do you think Northcutt is too young and is not familiar with continuing in the UFC? It's simple, indeed. No, we do not talk about the product as big as it's; price fee.

And, fairly, the Northcutt price bid has risen. In his final fight for official payments to be made publicly, he lost an application to UFC's Mickey Gall on FOX 22 in 2016, his salary salary in a presentation was upheld from $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 . That was just a three-stroke streak, which could increase the amount of pay.

After fighting out on & # 39; his contract on a successful note, it is not difficult to think about Northcutt seeking a big increase to re-sign with the UFC. It is not hard to think that the UFC is in a position; A decision that is not worth the trip cost of the ticket.

We've seen this before from the UFC. An enterprise campaign means that fans must always be assured that the campaigners have the value of the next charter our mind money. It is when the campaigners ask the UFC for more to do Money that the account begins to change.

That's how you go from the next thing to need more work and more knowledge. You know, if your price does not appear.

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