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Published January 1, 2019
by Matt Pressman

January 1, 2019 le Matt Pressman

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Although Elon Musk may have been a lot of life in Silicon Valley, he does not totally consider it. There have been cuts with Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and others. That said, he has been with great relatives. Google Larry only spoke about leaving a fortune to Musk when he dies. And Elon is often considered South Westerly of PayPal's mafia, which includes heavy firefighters that went on to find some companies. You could hear about (eg, LinkedIn, Yelp, YouTube).

Larra Ellison by Oracle (Image through Oracle PR on Flickr, some reserved rights)

Despite this, Tesla published two new members from the board. Its first board selection at its & # 39; Company, Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, is very common. Its human resources (from Walgreens to Kelloggs) have a Tesla knowledge of an essential HR as it does. company reading for rapid growth. But investors too The new Tesla add-ons – Silicon Valley's photo is to enjoy it; Could not hold on & # 39; step – Larry Ellison.

"Yes, that is Larry Ellison – the founder of Oracle, and one of the richest men in the world, who created a cameo beside Musk in Iron Man 2, " pounds Green Car ReportsIn the early mid-1990s, Ellison sat on another board too. When Steve Jobs started to control Apple and his / her. including Apple's platform, Ellison and put the posts to Apple's board.

"Silicon Valley Story, Ellison Oracle raised to world-wide energy power … [turning] Oracle is the largest provider of corporate resources in the world and software and other essential back office services. "And," Ellison has 3 million Tesla division, about 1.7% of the company, worth around $ 1 billion, "recites LA TimesSouth Westerly

Larry Ellison is already around $ 1 billion already deposited in Tesla. (Image through Oracle PR on Flickr, some reserved rights)

In addition, "With a fortune of $ 58 billion, making tenths for Forbes & a list of world bumblebees, Ellison carries an unusual Hollywood style in Silicon Valley. He has several types throughout the beach in Malibu, and cycling boats, and the ownership of motorized gates, and historic equipment movements, and is completely landowned on Lanai , one of the Hawaiian islands. "

Compared to this, "Musk holds 54th on Forbes's list, with an estimated value value of around $ 20 billion." Lloyd Greif, the head of a bank based banking firm based in LA, said: "Larry is a smart person, a strong man, it's not going to be anything. And he goes pay attention [to Tesla] for all kinds of reasons, including a & # 39; his own leaflet. "

Despite this, "Ellison, 74, is one of Musk's most popular supporters and said he was a very close friend at a financial analysis meeting in October. " Ellison was quick to go. confirming these fragments away at their main boards to criticize Musk's management earlier abilities this year.

Ellison talks about Tesla, Elon Musk, and why he put it into the company. (YouTube: Bloomberg Technology)

"This person is the rockets coming ashore," said Ellison about the director of Tesla and SpaceX. "You know he's entering rockets on robots in the ocean, and you say he does not know what he does. Well, who else does Insert rockets? Have you ever put a rocket on a robot's robbery? Who are you? "

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