What does Real Madrid do without Casimiro?


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Real Madrid declared that he had his / her average of Brazilian Casimiro's Aimeis range, for a month because of a bad bed, mill, which hit the Royal after the middle start.

Suffering very successful in bad results, executed by supervisor Julien Lopegeti and the appointment of Santiago Solari.

Brazil suffered seriously injured in the last meeting of Celta Vigo, after 22 minutes, instead of Danny Sibaios, in a meeting that ended with a royal victory with four.

Although Zinedine Zidane took responsibility for his artistic monarch, he dealt with Casimiro's injury, with Tony Crosse's presence in the defense line, in 18 games lost by Brazilians.

Real Madrid won eight games and was linked in 6, with Casimiro and Mathieu Kovačic in Croatia playing in nine games with her; German.

Covacic played twice this post, with Real Madrid hosting Sport Club Lisbon and then Atletico Madrid. Zidane also made Marcos Lorenti in one game that lost Real to Espanyol.

In total, Casimiro has lost 18 games in which he won 11 times, changed 6 and lost one game, making 53 goals and 21 goals.

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Le Santiago Solari was in the forefront, possibly Pope Papa Seppaios and Cruz, especially with the Spaniards, were responsible for making an amazing show against Celta Vigo and took part in a national team Spanish.

Although Sidan did not play at the center because of his invasion roles and was unable to play defensive duties strongly.

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Solari could also be responsible for the two Frederico Valverde and Marcos Lorenti, and will allow them to meet the puppet in his / her. a tour of the 32th tournament.

Real Madrid is hoping that Casimiro will return to the Cupa World Club in Abu Dhabi for the third season in the summer.

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