What does the Asian media say about Van Toan's unidentified goal?


Just 1 minute after replacing Cong Phuong, Van Toan met Myanmar telecommunications network in a situation when the end of Myanmar players to capture their " wall from Quang Hai distance. However, the Myanmar network is uncertainly uncertain in the 77-minute network that was not recognized when the Thai referee was in a position; confirmed Van Toan in the place where he was. So the referee decided not to recognize the aim of Vietnam.

In terms of this vital level, many Asian newspapers have been reported. So, most of the newspapers said this is an unfortunate situation for Vietnam and it seems that it is a legitimate goal.

Page Riddle In Korea, Van Toan was on the Myanmar defense line. "Unfortunately for Vietnam when the aims are not identified." Van Toan was the last player in Myanmar after killing Quang Hai but the referee went out where he was.

Referee's case did not recognize the effective focus of Van Toan

Page Distribution It was also surprised by the decision to delete the competition in this situation. "When the game was just a few minutes left, Van Toan's place-place walked the Myanmar goal but told the referee to the offside. This is a controversial situation when Van Toan stands behind a bridge When Myanmar Quang Hai finished, "said the newspaper.

In addition, pages InterFootball "It's a disappointment that the referee does not recognize Van Toan's visit when the player is still behind Myanmar's player, which can prove his game."

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With that, the Korean media said that the opportunity for a Hang-hockey coach to get over the company is not enough enough, although he can not win against Myanmar. After the Thuwunna Stadium at the end of November 20, Vietnam Phone still stands behind behind the high team of Cameron due to poor secondary school numbers (fewer goals). But, it's Vietnam to th; in the light team next door when only a visit to Cambodia in the Hang Diem garden, and Myanmar, march to the Bukit Jaili Malaysia area – now the third place with less than and are urgent for a decision to reach the final AFF Cup Suzuki 2018.

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