What does the director Do Thanh Hai say about the 2019 Apps stop?


What does the director Do Thanh Hai say about the 2019 Apps stop? - Picture 1Many of the artists who participate in the apple are passionate and are fond of her. this program.

At the end of Apple Pie's recording, "Chi Trung" Apples Traffic – who participated in the orchestra for many years, has been a pleasure to fans. the program on the page.

This artist said that last year he took part in the apples as he is old, there is not enough to be able to do it; timetable to follow from day to night, sometimes 2-3 hours. , he had to go after the morning after 6 months to work. In the days he was going to retire his position, he wanted to be sent to programs at the Youth Theater – where he was Acting Director and was involved in his position.

This artist also said that the author is tall and after the hill is turned, mean just down. So, it's time to stop a new program.

The point of fact "honest truthlessly scared" artist Chi Trung has raised many ideas against him. Some said that if the artist could be tired of losing their knees, but the program should keep it off; Coming with the audience because there is no apple, the Tết is missing something interesting.

However, the good news for Apple TV 2018 is the final show that many spectators make this program feel puzzled and regrettable. However, recently, director of Do Thanh Hai, director of the Vietnam Film Production Center, has officially endorsed that Apple's Army does not stop its ability to do its job. this program.

The Director of Do Thanh Hai said: "We are still doing their" Meet the end of the year "program. Indeed it will be difficult, many challenges, the audience will expect many .

The director confirmed that the team was preparing the content. Members of the editorial team are usually framing the most successful cases of the year. This team includes many members and each of them will be responsible for writing a section of their strengths.

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The Director of Do Thanh Hai was holding his / her. to implement the 2019 apples.

"We have repeatedly been sitting behind the tiger, trying to find a better problem to take advantage," said director of Do Thanh Hai.

According to the "high quality leader" of the VFC, together with "Meet the end of the year" 2019, many special television shows during the New Year and Lunar Year are also a " Promoting commitments to listen to. Many TV options in the new year.

In the interviews of the artist Kong Ly, a program of Guan Quan will be a pleasure to listeners all night Eve of the year, how many people are there; In the event of deceit, tears, effort, green material, money Every case, character, song, text, context … is a creative process and work prepared.

So, he has always been loyal to this special love program. And despite his health every year, he is always at all; Try to give his / her best to the apple. "The apples are still going on, Cong Ly is still participating," Cong Ly Conciliator.

What does the director Do Thanh Hai say about the 2019 Apps stop? - Picture 3

Xuan Bac artist's photo was shared on the personal page when he met the team to implement Apple.

Indeed, recently, the prestigious artists Xuan Bac presented the picture prepared for the Apple Solo 2019. So, Tu Long, Xuan Bac, leader of Do Thanh Hai, Khai Anh … had a meeting to discuss about Appays 2019. But, so far, the artists. The Apple Army 2019 is still a mystery.

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