What does the General Department of Taxation say about "94% tax loss"?


Sunday, 11/18/2018 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

A representative from the General Department of Charges advised that the level of error found after the inspection was very high.

What does the General Department of Taxation say about

Mr Pham Ngoc Lai – Head of Audit Department, General Tax Division

At its news conference on November 16, the General Department also responded to the views of the State Auditor about some of the information related to the draft Tax Control Law (amended), which is being debated in the National Assembly. (Ho Chi Minh) Ho Duc Phuc at the National Assembly debate on the 15/11 afternoon about the taxation group to escape, large income.

Mr Puc, compared to non-state campaigns in the last two years, showed that 94% of tax loss was deducted from the comparison.

Pham Ngoc Lai, Executive Director of the Auditors Department (GDT), did not comment on the figures, but stated that the tax branch was constantly working closely with the State Audit and Auditors the Government in the study of the two units. Here.

Mr Lai said that the time of the State Audit is to come into the investigation, the campaign has not yet been able to complete the declaration but the initiative has made an additional confirmation because the current law of the & # 39; permit additional certification.

"It's no way in a business food case in December last year, but it was established in March the following year, the lawsuit still says that there is no honey in an appropriate time, considered wrong. However, some businesses tell us that their mistake is not right, Lai said.

The Chief Executive of the Inspectorate's Department also informed that, according to the Annual Audit Plan's Annual Audit Plan based on the use of risk management procedures, the number of breakdowns found by the & # 39; This group is also very high, almost 100%.

But Mr Lai said that this breakdown also depends on each case, if the campaign is in a position; promises that only 500,000 or 1,000,000 are also listed as a breach, the large proportion must also consider several levels. South Westerly

"People who are similar to comparative comparisons have small misconduct. There is a very small business, but there are businesses where we collected 1,850 billion. In particular, today, its policy is not co- stretched out and has not been carrying on the behaviors of life, so it has changed many times, "said Lai.

In addition, tax management under the self-evaluation tool should be "sympathetic" initiatives with an unpredictable vision and concepts of tax law.

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