What does the sponsor company say about how the market will appear in the spring Hoi Hoi?


The domestic stock market has returned to trade after a long holiday and spring opening session. Green was kept up during the session and VN-Index closed up to 17 points to 926.1 points. Market space was also very good when we saw 345 benefits, and the number of losers was only 153. B & # 39; He was also the 11th of February who was the first day; for the use of a new VN30 record and this program had 25 stock exchanges, but only 3 stocks dropped down.

The same value reached the first session of the new VND 2,300 billion, similar to the previous session of the ETF before the holiday. In terms of foreign trade, they were not active on the first day of the new year but the net was purchased almost 4 billion dong and it was a good indication.

With advanced motions in the first session of the new year, experts from many sponsor companies have shared the opinion that their market success in the next time.

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Vn-Index has been very popular in the first session of the new year

The increase in equity in many sectors will promote the cash flow to take part

Judgment from the first trading session in Ky Hoi 2019, VNDIRECT Securities stated that the VN-Index was higher than the 920 point attendance point to create new expectations to reduce the cash flow; take part in the market sharply. Although success has not been significantly improved, but with the increase of the indexes as well as the increasing level of consensus in many sectors, it will create a stimulus for the current money to take part.

VNDIRECT believes that the number of recordings is & # 39; Growing is still favorable when it is based on the great revival rate of remote and long-term markets that are the negative factors such as USD, energy level and short-term warfare. settled.

However, VNDIRECT still believes that this is a short revival wave. At this time, the rational strategy of the purchased stocks is to increase profits and should avoid avoiding the # 39; Purchasing the standards after listing the print.

Investors are hopeful and expect to increase their & # 39; market

In the same perspective, Bao Viet Securities (BVSC) considered that investors are very optimistic and expect to bring up their; market after long holidays.

Its long green tenement pattern can be with a price gap that is a? Increase (GAP) created in the 11th of February should be a sign for the index to move forward in advanced leadership in the next sessions this week.

BVSC believes that, following crossing SMA50, about 916 points, the price line is likely to be & # 39; come to the SMA100 server release, according to 933-938 points. The price line out of the out-of-country price channel broke down in the weeks before it started to go to # 39; opening new, unstable movements to get to & # 39; market in the short term.

It is expected that the market rise will continue to be controlled by banking stocks and some Bluechips such as HPG, FPT, REE, VJC … In addition, it may be the cash flow will be focus on oil and gas stocks. , seafood, construction and some estate stocks. BVSC will evaluate the attendance of Vn-Index at 933-938 points and 950-960 points.

Note the depression factor, careful not to run away

There was also a positive idea of ​​the market, the Security Security said that upgrades could be up to date; market place in 1-2 other sessions before it comes to a difference due to the sale of sales in the last sessions of the week. Delicacy must be monitored in the next sessions and if the exclusion platform is still higher than its 20-day average, it is expected that the move will continue with the strong resistance. Approximately 955 points that correspond to the MA200 line; On the other hand, the weak clarity of the expressions is concerned.

SHS redirects are in the next trading session on 12 February, the benefits of investors can help with Vn-Index to increase with the nearest target of 930 points. Investors who bought when VN-Index should not exceed 920 points in 11/2 sessions to buy and go. Buy more if the market has successfully returned 920 points.

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