What else did I eat? Sandwich hairstyle


Imagine what I've ever eaten! Beans hauled. I had control in Jablonica. And my colleagues bought for that control some of the witches. They were also classical, made in local beauties or where …

The check was good and satisfied, and I left the sandwiches myself. I had no lunch, and let me go. After a long time, I realized again what's like a messenger, even if I bought it, a very good strategy.

Classic is a sandwich with time. I let him just eat butter, but Janka thought it's a potato salad in her; bottom. But that's just a good thing about sandwiches. Everyone can be different.

I would not be from the Old Father if I did not love John's ham. I think that anyone who does not think will do so; Buachak buy in our country to buy it anywhere else. Whether it works for me.

Sometimes, when I'm in a smile, I'll put the salad under me. But it's not a potato, like Janka, but it's normal. Well, the eggs are cooked hard on her. Then the cheese comes. I am always sown. I like Volovec. I think Volovec is a full Saxon tool. It's a cheese cheese.

Well, in fact, the bitter cucumber is coming in the sides. And sometimes, a piece of cake is also a very fine cut to make the colors better.

It's not a great fun to do & # 39; make these sandwiches. That's why I'm going to start; making changes. Instead of a time, I throw a shed there, cut into thin ring rings. And for another sligh that reminiscents the water. No doll narrow – no doubt to taste it, since this is one of the most important items in John's art. The very good combination of salmon, egg and olives is smoking. But if I want to, I will make a omelette of tana and I will put some of the meat on some of my smears.

And the whole sandwich can be changed with spicy or dry pepper. But the sandwich can change itself. I know, it's a classic in age. But if I want to play more, I can place a soft place into your wheel. As a result, they are very "boiled" in the sandwiches. In fact, it is something else if you have a white bread, a young man or something spelled or scratched. You may have five types of appliances one goal. And your counterparts will be serviced and disagreeable to what's interesting.

So you do not have to put a sandwich on New Year's Eve. You and your family can be happy and have something to do for a normal dinner. And ah, everyone thinks it's a fèis. So, a little like a sandwich with a paneled, you'll look better at the ordinary day.

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