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Wednesday 21/11/2018 05:03 AM (GMT + 7)

Vietnam's team was thrown into the land in Myanmar and Vietnamese football experts made very positive comments on their game.

Myanmar – Vietnam Game (New Media, Rights, broadcast on VTC)

Vietnam Team to prevent a keeper of his & her; gamekeeper in the third round of 2018 AFF Cup in Myanmar. The ball went to work once and Van Toan was also blaming the opponent's web but was rejected by the referee in a very determined situation.

Airline Airline in Myanmar: What's Same Recommended? - 1

Vietnam was affected in Myanmar

Although Hang Seo Park coach had a great deal of opportunities but Le The Tho football expert is not satisfied with his Hang Seo Park coach:

"Vietnam should have been a bit better than ever, I was feeling the first 25 to 30 minutes of the game, and the team was very good poor but aggressive.

The players need to show their desire to play football, to be aggressive, more focused, more active. The Vietnam team needs to be awakened to prepare for its upcoming game. The team should set a more basic picture and the players need to be prepared more exciting.

The reporter Quang Huy concluded the same point, but said that the players should not "be free" when the guests in Myanmar did not drink well that is not surprised.

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Van Duc's position was to take the ball to his opponent

"Vietnam's players are still young and younger when the style is not stable, I do not want Vietnam to emphasize broadcasting as big as we also win the title.

The team should aim to achieve more aims. I want the young players to continue to & # 39; Improve the road while the team is going to; Continue to play to the larger playgrounds as & # 39; Asian Cup. "

At the same time, Phan Anh Tu's football expert said this is a good game of the Vietnamese team and not just because of a lack of fortune. It was difficult that this Park Hang coach did not use the Hung Hung Hung media playground in the & # 39; first place.

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Xuan Truong (No. 6) was not good when he was often pushed

"This game is very unsure for Vietnam, and we need to be a game for a player with Vietnam in the first half and full of control over the game in the second half.

If Hung Hung is used from the beginning, Vietnam will be a place in the right place and the opportunity for another Duc Chinh to be shown.

Coach Pham Nhu Thuan decided the place when he said that Xuan Truong did not play well when Myanmar was going to play well. play near the distance. Both experts have indicated that Que Ngoc Hai's game is an essential link in this Park Hang team coach.

Vietnam - Myanmar 0-0: Quang Hai or Cong Phuong Best Stone?

Vietnam's star was voted as "Best Player on its Match".

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