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A team of scientists has proposed a new test to show Death Death, which seems to have increased the size of the Accuracy in size because they were rather bitter after Big Bang.

Researchers try to find marks of what they are visiting "primordial standard clock"that would help reproduce what was similar to the park.

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Although inflation theory is explaining most of the Earth's structure and evolution questions, t and there are other theories about it.

For some wetlands, the state of the world before the big Bang starts, for example "primitive accuracy", contracted instead of expansion as recommended by Inflation. So the big explosion would only have a rebound effect on the previous truth in which everything completely fell.

So, scientists look ahead and aheadThe trauma of the feasibility, whether the theories have the potential to go through exams which might be on the contrary.

“The virus should be used to reflect any scientific theory. The situation at inflation at this time is that it feels so flexible that it cannot be contaminated experimentally, "said Avi Loeb. At the Harvard-Smithsonian Astronomy Center (CfA).

To solve this problem, researchers it looks for the primlogial clock clockaccording to the research published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

According to physicist Xingang Chen, one of the authors, the "primordial standard clock" genes printed in the structure of the "primordial universe" t and these can be found in cosmic background microwave radiation and the distribution of diseases.

“If we think the information is all we learned so far about what has happened before Big Bang be in a roll of film films, thenThe usual clock tells us how the frames should be reproduced " tChen explained.

"Without information about the clock, we don't know if the film should be played on or back, quickly or slowly, just as we are unsure whether the primitive world was rising or breaking, and when he did so, this is where the problem is. The usual clock stamps time stamps on each of these frames when the film was filmed before the Big Bang and tells us how it is repeating ", he says.

By finding out about these signs, he says that you could know if the globe had made an extension or treaty before the name was started. Big Bang

"If you get a pattern of markers that would represent a universe, t he would bring the sight of inflation " t, its proven Xianyu.

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