What happened to Adrian? – the fact about a long hanging


On 6 February, Mediaset named temporary suspension for Adrian, the cartoon of Adriano Celentano:

"Due to seasonal illness, Waiting for Adrian & Adrian La Serie could not be directed for at least two weeks, as ordered by & # 39; the treatment of physicians. "

However, the best show will not be back on Monday, February 25, or 4 March. This bad season needs to be heavy.

Is it dependent on being final? Francesco Canino has made this clear.

Tell some of the people that are close to the Celentano Panorama team. Adrian will be back when the singer is better: "But the end is not last. When Adriano is better, the broadcast will start again ".

Ok, Adrian will be back, now he's sure. B! Are you ready for advertising to tell the re-return?

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