What happened to the last time Apple was disturbing her & her; barrier


Those present will enter Macworld Expo in San Francisco on 8 January 2002.
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On Wednesday, Tim Cook gave a shocking, remarkable and historic warning to his company's investors. Apple, the first company would have a dollar dollar, and # 39; Reduce its revenue strategy for the first time since 2002, and # 39; Thanks to you as part of a proactive sale of iPhone and China (in particular). But wait, you think, what happened to hell in 2002?

2002 was an annoying palagoom of one year, one of which many are remembered as a # 39; Last episode of suffering after the dumping of dot-com bubbles. In June of that year, when Steve Jobs told owners that Apple's seasonal revenue numbers would be " falling $ 200 million short from its estimates, the Nasdaq Company Index was similar to the section of a black bend. The whole technology industry had been in a position; steadily pulled from the highest in 2000, but its total downturn was still months after leaving; come out. Jobs explained the situation badly in Apple's press release:

"As others in our business, we are slowly selling this quarter. As a result, we will lose our income estimates with around 10%, which means profits are slightly lower, "said Steve Jobs, Apple Director. "We have amazing new products in development, so we're happy about the coming year. As one of the few companies that are currently making profit in a PC business, we are still hopeful about what Apple expects to grow long term. "

And that's all the work says at the time. As John Gruber announces, Apple's statement is all, which includes those Works; Identify, clocks in at less than 200 words and can be summarized as: Numbers look bad, but Apple is about to go to; breathing a new piece of mind. Tim Cook's letter to Wednesday's investors has about 1,400 words and it's amazing that this amazing event is not in the case of new new Apple businesses in the future. The easiest thing is to get that funny line about what its company is doing. making it easier to abandon new iPhones in some attempts to & # 39; Bone by suggesting that a cow on Apple's monetary money has not been completely lost.

Back in 2002, it was obvious that the iPhone was not there, and Apple still wanted users to make their computers a lot. It was a fascinating time of fascination. there. Hit their first iPod on its & # 39; market in October 2001, and at Macworld Expo the following January, Steve Jobs announced the iMac G4. You know, the one with the 15-inch LCD with a chrome arm sailing tied to a white white base with a brand Apple Apple logo; the foreground. The population stopped when Jobs published. most.

Then Panam took these jobs, and being sure, Apple stock had a big impact on it. By the end of 2002, you could buy a share of the company for $ 14.33, falling by almost 40 per cent from the beginning of the year. This would have been an amazing time to buy Apple stock, as things were turned for Steve and friends thereafter. In April 2003, Apple left the incredible third-generation iPod and launched iTunes Music Store, where you could buy a song for 99 cents that could only be played on an iPod or Mac computer . He thought he was sad at the time, but he was ill. It is the beginning of services business that is now only for iPhones in a company's revenue stream that would, going into the digital music market.

If you want to think about 2002 like that, Apple sulked on its way by the end of the dot mills to gutting, you can think of 2004 as the iPod over. In that summer, Steve Jobs Newsweek put on his cover, and the Duke's University gave new iPods to all freshman who had been on his face; come in. Apple also published the iPod iPod with a color screen that could also be used for a & # 39; Thinking of an early sign that the day-to-day company would create a mobile device in everything. Three years later, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone as "iPod touch device with mobile logo," mobile phone "and" best internet communication. "In other words, a new iPod that is doing two or more sports, finally, has the ability to buy apps on a handheld. In the third quarter of the year, Only, Apple created $ 18.2 billion in the sale of an app sale.

In order to announce that number, Tim Cook warned the investors this week to announce that Apple would include $ 84 billion in the revenue Fourth instead of $ 89 to $ 94 billion. So £ 5 billion short. Like it was in 2002, its company has a & # 39; address emerging and emerging panels with a hard and global global economy; dragging on the sale of hard goods. This time Apple's bad numbers are just bigger.

The other big difference is, of course, that Apple was in the "amazing new inventory" section of Steve Jobs, which was named in 2002. It's amazing how the years Apple's last arrest has been marked by great growth and innovation. The extraordinary running running of the iPod was more likely compared to the blast of the iPhone's changes to launch, not to mention how successful MacBook Air was, the iPad , and Apple Watch. And yes, the Services business also does a lot of money.

Perhaps that's just it, though. This Apple panel today may just spend an interesting time in history when it's not a bad time; any single company can do wrong. Apple may have Apple's handbag and innovation behind it, and now it's necessary to have a & # 39; company to find video services, well-known video assistants, and better software. Recent Apple valuation practices will be confirmed.

Some of these initiatives are likely to be profitable, and Apple's next quarter may not be worse than this one. Followers of their company, especially those who need to do it; Steve Jobs remembers a platform in 2002, thinking: When does Apple play? going to make it rough again?

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