What happens when we die? This investigation shows the secret about the first stage of death


Something we ask is all but one can not respond correctly – what happens when we die?

You can dream about the white clouds, play gealies and gold gates.

If not, you could believe – not to hit around her & # 39; bus – when you're away, you're away.

In some circumstances, you may be interested in this new piece of research – something cool.

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You "locked" your body dead while your brain is still working

Dr Sam Parnia, who is learning to die after death and investigating heart attack issues in Europe and America, says we know we are dead when we die because our our brain continue to work.

Our way seems to do so to make us aware of what's going on. happening around us.

A new study, led by the main medical experts, suggests that your awareness is & # 39; behaviors have been working after your heart is to stop having a & # 39; hitting.

This means that you "locked" your body dead for a short while while & # 39; the brain is still working.

The humorous evidence of finding people in the first stage of death is still to be at # 39; experience some awareness.

The experienced victims gave a & # 39; Holding the account of what was going on. happening around them after they were declining.

Christian communication about liberation and resurrection
Christian communication about liberation and resurrection

Dr Parnia said: "They report on seeing doctors and nurses working, they report to be aware of whole conversations, of visual things that They were going on, they would not know so. "

A definition when a patient is named dead dead, he said: "All of these are based on the time the heart is stopped.

"Talk enthusiastically, that's how you will get a time of death."

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