What if Steam stayed to be a crimson child at her & # 39; PC Master Race?


For a few years it was accepted Steam is the service for excellence within the PC department. What has been developed as a way to get more fairer herbal games and piping fighting has become an industry level for PCs.

The figures of this giant are at present. There is no longer to see how many games were released in 2017 (7,762 titles as a whole, at a rate of more than 21 per day) and their impact on the reductions; made in their community of players.

However, something has changed for a few years and the latest news about the Epic Games Shop opening is just another example of Not everyone is comfortable with the Valve monopolyIt's amazing because it's probably like.

I can not get … No …

081218 Steam 01

Beyond Epic Games has released its new source (like EA, Ubisoft or Blizzard, not going to), it's a very funny thing that Studio Coffee Stain (a team that is responsible for the non-written Goat Simulator) on a decision to go away from the Post Steam at the Epic Games Shop. And only.

There is a great deal of so-called Fortnite enough to apply for Unreal Farmhouse creators (currently stand-out, how we think) have been launched to format; create their own shop and have several studios; promised him. Something loyal, on the other hand, is worthwhile these great benefits, with a percentage of 88% profits.

By saying that, until such connection with the Journey (to PS3 and PS4 date) is added to their car, it is likely that many people need to be accustomed to different services that for PC to manage their entire catalog. And here we should not forget about Discord, which was totally included in the videogame market, as well as being a program for talking while we are in a position; play, some of them (temporary, temporary) different, such slasher online Last Year: The Nightmare.

It would be best that everything was diminished (what the Valve suggested by Steam), but Today the gap in the PC section is & # 39; continue to open again, where it is most common to have an account in that service, another one in GOG (by itself, especially in the market back) and those of big companies such as Blizzard, EA and Ubisoft. Microsoft is just the only thing that comes from time to time with the problems so that not all Xbox One and Windows 10 are specially limited to the # 39; Microsoft Store, as happened by Sunset Overdrive.

No steam is now the only destination on PC

081218 Steam 02

In the consoles, it is unlikely that this can be done, because each has its own official source, but In PC the offer is becoming increasingly different and we see how it & # 39; grow over time, which is not so bad too per se when compared to prices to see where it costs less game for PC, except when we run our online and online libraries; gives some duties.

Then the fact is that the largest companies with their own shop are & # 39; preserving their best titles, as happens by the Blizzard distributors (from Overwatch to Destiny 2, through Starcraft II and World of Warcraft, This is not available on Steam) no Electronic Electronic (Battlefield is not in the Valve service either, although there are other deductions of the DICE distribution).

In an EA case we must follow the original subscription of Origin Access following the current modules that provide a comprehensive catalog of games for membership of one month or more, to full year. That's why Microsoft has many complaints, not to # 39; Pass Pass Game Xbox, which is most likely in the PC department because it is not so fast (for now) Utomik.

We have a competition to us, as users, but it causes False to reconsider some of the items (the Epic Games Shop benefits to the creator as a different point) unless you are to lose more pieces of your cake. Although he does not seem to lose control … After that, we talk about it A service that has been active for over 15 years and that's pretty common when we talk about a PC game in digital.

It may have to be used (ever increasing) to Steam altogether, although it would be worse if GOG is a installing DRM in your catalog, right?

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