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My mother is always at & # 39; think something is wrong with me & # 39;
My mother is always at & # 39; think something is wrong with me & # 39;

I have to go to the teacher's facility at school. Do you know what that is? It is a complete destruction of any street credit, what is it? there. I'm in the fifth class, but as she is I'm thinking you've been in the first class. This is the first and last year; I want to go to her. I hate him. It seems that only the boys of children need to go to her. That's obvious what she's thinking about me, and what my parents are doing; think too. Like me, I'm sorry or sorry or have a disability or something. My mother always seems to have something wrong with me.

For years she has been bringing me here and there for exams and meeting doctors and psychologists. None of you would like. The last one who put it in was only 20 minutes. He was not fond of being away from that, so I sent me not answer my questions. I also kept the evil eye, although I saved that vision for my mother. I can not believe it was a & # 39; do this to me again. She just tells them the same thing. It is embarrassing.

"Oh, it's really tough. Whatever I say, he would do the other. It can be so sad, it seems that he does not care about anybody's feelings. Everything fight it out and try to do homework, it's like such a battle. That's the talk. That's what they're listening to. I've been trying to explain. They do not listen at least. Not me for me. They just see and look over me as if they would say "how to do it & 39; you could be as brilliant to this amazing woman. "That's how he did it too. I saw the scene. I knew I would not do it well. But I did not think He would work out the bad thing.

I saw the letter he wrote later. It was less than a page. He says I have ODD, ADHD and "strong ASD symptoms" and suggested that I can teach resources at school. I want to look up things up. Turning out I'm going to; I think misleading discomfort, an essential disorder of special attention and disorder or autism. I do not know what any of them are & # 39; It means, besides that, I think I'm a freak. How could he tell everything about it just 20 minutes, and did not talk to it even? How is that possible?

Remember that my mother makes such a glimpse of telling everyone that I'm a freak I think I should not be amazing. I miss it. She will never listen to my side of the story at least, so I stopped telling her. Then it comes up with all these rules and penalties and I just think f ** k. I do not think I'm sorry. She can not just be my leader. I have been trying to emerge over the years that she is not a leader of me, but she just rises to her; crying and faster or faster I'm taken to the next freak view and kept it up as one.

My teacher is the only one who thinks I'm going to; understand. It's great. I'm not sorry. He always tells what he means and hiss; means what he says if that makes sense. I know where I stand. It's not like Mum who says anything and then doing something different. She is sneaky. She does not trust her.

I just want the teacher to do something about this. I do not want to go. She will break my head. I think she & she; think I'm sorry The other boys laugh at me. I know they are. It is shameful to leave the class. I do not need it and I do not want it.

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