What iPad should you buy: the Cyber ​​Monday 2018 edition


Apple's latest iPad Pro models are here. But it does not mean that you should select it if you are; buy this Apple holiday tablet for this holiday season. There are five iPads that you can select at the moment: the level 9.7-inch iPad entry level no an BBC for the other websites (in two sizes) the latest options, but the 2017 iPad Pro and the old age iPad Mini 4 both still out there too.

The 9.7-inch iPad is likely to be discounted at almost $ 250 on Cyber ​​Monday. So, let's think about what to do if you're thinking of getting an iPad right now.

Initially: Do you want a tablet, or blade?

Make sure that the iPad ecosystem has a great deal of great applications, usually good performance, and iPadan is completely easy to move. But none of them have been making the jump into a small MacBook just. Terms to iOS mean that only two applications can be used alongside at one time, and an iPad does not work with a mouse or trackpad. IPadan can do a lot of things, and it may be very good with your computer to do it; watch video, web surfing, social media and e-mail, but you may not have full Mac or Windows PC flexibility. If you want a touchscreen tablet that works as a more traditional computer, get in Microsoft Surface Pro 6 no Surface Go, or something like it.

Do you want an iPad? Let's break down your options.

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He will do the job: iPad 2018.

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Select the best value for a long time: iPad 9.7-inch (2018)

The daily level of access IPad 9.7-inch which is released in the spring, called "iPad," is now now supporting Pencil stylus that is sensitive to weight and is a process of dysfunction. 2016, which is good enough for most of his needs. It can be multi-manipulated, and has many excellent tools, and & # 39; including Bluetooth keyboard issues. Even better, it's sold for as little as $ 250 ($ 80 for a normal listing price). The best option is for the average person, especially since the iPad iPad Pro is, even at the minimum level of compromise, and # 39; cost more than twice a week.

If you missed this price on the 32GB Wi-Fi mode of the 2018 iPad for Black Friday, Walmart remains the only place in stock. Kind of.

At ET noon on Cyber ​​Monday he was in stock again after being listed as previously sold in the day. We expect it to be in and out of stock all day. If it's out when you click, try another color – or return in something.

Best bet: You can sell 128GB of available resources, if you can, which is $ 100 plus but it will be much better than the basic 32GB in the model. (Also, your budget needs $ 70 for Logitech Crayon no $ 100 for Apple Pencil's first gen, if you want to use your creative skills.) But if you see the 32GB model sold, go to it.

Look at Walmart

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Big iPad debate


If you have your money and if you want to make a beta in the future: 2018 iPad Pro

The latest one ID equipped pro IPad Models, a lot of small shell screening, and support for Pencil Apple are better equipped with fast confidence; costly expense from the board. But the iPad Pro is more expensive, and it's running well over $ 1000 if you buy the new Pencil, keyboard case, and its. going for 256GB storage, I recommend it over 64GB if you're bad about this as a daily computer. 128GB would have been a good size of storage, but Apple does not offer its & # 39; power in Pro iPad. It's the best iPad, but there is very little USB-C usage and a lack of very good apps that are; make most of her new process; means that you could wait for this, if you have not died to get an iPad iPad and know what constraints are there. Artists who are looking for the power of photography superintendent are the best games. (And remember: the cheaper iPad that is mentioned above can use the old Pencil stylus). We did not see any sales prices for Pro, which is sad because it is expensive.

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iPad Pro: Is it a computer now?


The major reasons Pro:

  • A show up to 120Hz is in a Pro slower show and there are benefits for a Pencil format. The display is also simpler attached to the glass, which is also available. help with good work. (They are fragile differences).
  • The new iPad got smaller bezels, and it will respond more scratch.
  • Better quad speakers and stereo sound, against iPad speakers accessing tinnier entry level.
  • New Pencil is easier to cost and has controlled the dump.
  • The A12X process is much faster.
  • The cameras are upgraded (and they will be a 4K video drive, and they also make Portrait mode for face-to-face. It's almost all about the iPhone XR).
  • USB-C is a wide-ranging connection of # 39; appliances and chargers (but not all)
  • Smart Printer side provides access to items such as Apple Lockboard Cover to connect to; need a Bluetooth or an individual tax.
  • Face ID

Problems against Pro Pro:

  • Dear
  • No uniforms
  • IOS 12 does not make a & # 39; Most of its capabilities, and USB-C is not as flexible as you are & # 39; think
  • It does not always stand up for being a laptop (there is no trackpad / mouse support)
  • Need for a modern pencil

See the target for 11-inch iPad pro
See the target program of iPad 12.9 inches

020-ipad-pro-2018-size-comparison "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/2l2T_9Az5qAZYvdjUQLNEFnOLtE=/2018/10/30/47b67763-a4ff-4507-b0cf-d8b62ce63de9/020- ipad-pro-2018-size-comparison.jpg

The decision between 12.9 (left) and 11 (nice) is largely about origin and price.

Sarah Tew / CNET

12.9 no 11?

The two new iPad Programs come in two sizes that are more likely than last year. The model is 12.9 inches smaller, with the same size screen. The 11-inch runs close to the same size as 10.5 inches Pro last year, but it's a add more scratch to your body. The 12.9 still has a feeling too big for me, and it is also more expensive. I think that the 11-inch version of the cut is better for most people, but obviously & # 39; It's your personal choice. (We did not just review the iPad 12.9-inch Pro so far, but we saw the 11-inch version at Apple's event.)

Storage: 64GB too small, there may be 256GB too much

Choosing the right storage can be difficult. The 64GB basic model of iPad Pro is "enough" for everyday needs, but if you're thinking of any movie or editing of a poster, it's likely to be a bit; feel limited … and iPadan does not have a renewable resource and a # 39; Use outside shapes (however, at least). There would be 128GB well, but instead Apple offers pieces 64, 256, 512 and 1TB. 256 is the land that populates. Do not go for more than just if you know that you are sure to be professional; need extra space for a specific purpose.

006-ipad-pro-2018 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/n3-fDP4V4Eo-Zf6ValMbOyojsi4=/2018/11/01/d5388aca-d468-462c-8f24-6a0e33c67c90/006- ipad-pro-2018.jpg

You're not just buying iPad Pro, you're a & # 39; buy the tools.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Tool: Save a keyboard for a keyboard (and possibly a pencil)

Apple's Pencil design update is the best thing about the new iPadan, and it is not included in the box. It's $ 129 plus, cheap, cheap. In fact, artists only and art users should consider it, but you may want to confirm if you buy Pro. The same thing goes for options to & # 39; keyboard: Apple clever keyboard is one of the only new tools that use a new magnetic Pro connection. But the case is a & # 39; costs $ 180-200. (You could also pack Bluetooth keyboard too, but it would not be so easy to do). And, also, the cable that includes USB-C into the Pro iPad box is not working for video output. You will need a video-C video-different USB cable separately. No, you might want to get a USB-D dongle basic for its split to HDMI and USB options.

024-ipad-pro-2018-size-comparison "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/wOwwlEYQu-pdO7BioTfJ0N0Er8c=/2018/10/30/d627cd2f-50ae-407a-a045-1aa65820491f/ 024-ipad-pro-2018-size-comparison.jpg

The 10.5-inch older (left) pro vs. 11-inch (right).

Sarah Tew / CNET

What about a 10.5-inch iPad Pro Last year?

An 10.5-inch iPad Pro since 2017 is still being sold, and is still strong. The same display technology up to 120Hz is faster as the iPad iPad Pro too. It has been said, $ 650 for that versus $ 799 model for this year's 11-inch version that looks like enough for a process that is older than a older process and is not so enthusiastic, and without a USB support -C anyhow. The 256GB step-up version costs $ 799 as the new 64GB iPad Pro 11-inch. If there is a sale, however, this is a test that will be done.

Look at Walmart

ipad-mini-4-new01.jpg "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/yfmz7TXTGEjNXW0Jxs3rstVJfN0=/2015/11/03/f2f2566f-07ff-4221-9213-875d2c9c904d/ipad-mini- 4-new01.jpg

The Mini Mini iPad 4 is too old to be of great value.

Sarah Tew / CNET

iPad Mini 4: Ski

An iPad Mini 4 the last of Apple's mini-mini iPad models that sells, and the kind of Sick-like-like design is something that Apple has sold; disturbed him. But the price setting and sensation make sense: the older A8 process is backed at times, and its price is $ 399 for 128GB of larger storage of the iPad's 128GB 9.7-inch iPad new. Get the bigger iPad larger, bigger than that. Even if the Mini 4 goes on, it is not currently, think twice: it's likely that Apple can renew the Mini next year, according to reports (and the iPad better for children and work better with keyboard issues, in our opinion.)

Connections I would also streamline it, if you do not need it

Undoubtedly, by using a LTE on a very good record. I do not pay $ 130 (no $ 150 on the latest iPad Parts) for paying the extra monthly fee fee. Instead, you can do your free phone for free. It might be considered if someone else is setting up their; bill, or if this is a key device connected to it. Up to you. I sent cells away when I went to an iPad Pro 12.9 inches, and it was quick and easy to install. I had love for her convenience. I did not love her price.

01-amazon-fire-hd-8 "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/r4iiWN7-aClpF-WrNknGj7XDz84=/2018/04/18/8743929c-f71c-45af-b011-fd2e6e778302/ 01-amazon-fire-hd-8.jpg

Amazon Fire HD 8: iPad price part, it's just for children.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Your children: Also consider a fire tablet (or Chromebook)

The iPad is a good family choice, and a nice gift for children. But it's still expensive. Fire Amazon tablets are extremely accessible, and very good for reading, watching movies, & # 39; play games, and do a lot of things – an Fire HD 8, in particular. They are not as well as iPads, especially for things like writing or creating art, but you can currently sell a fire record for Cyber ​​Monday Start at $ 30 CrazySouth Westerly

See the Amazon HD 8 8

Improved versions of tax & & # 39; cost a bit bigger. And at least parents have strong strong controls on children's accounts, more and even Apple. In our review of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition table last year, we set out that there is a one-year subscription of Free Time Unlimited, "a subscription service similar to Netflix, full of proper books , kid and games. "In a year, it's $ 3 a month, but it offers a lot of family friendly content.

See the Amazon 8 HD Kids Fire Edition

Chrome books are not the same as tablets, but at $ 300 or less, they are a good choice for children who can use a laptop at home (and some, like the Flip Flip Asus, convert as devices as a direct tablet correctly)

See Asus Chromebook Simply Simply Amazon


For most people who u200b; find iPad basic: The 2018 model gets 9.7 inches.

IPad is the best? If the iOS agreement is a requirement, get the 2018 model of 9.7 inch (or the 2017 model sold). On the other hand, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (for younger children) or Chromebook (for older children) chose.

Best price at any price? The 11-inch new, 11-inch iPad Pro Pro is 12.9 inches. If you're paying this for iPad, think about it; 256GB module (but I'm pushed 128GB, the size would be appropriate).

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