What is a Chinese Exclusion Act? Long history of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams from the Politics of Immigration of the USA


Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a brutal attack against the history of US immigration immigrants, which was proposed to be established but when non-European immigrants came into the country.

On Sunday, the newly elected producer from New York 14th Congregation of the Congressional Area in support of the refugees traveling from the Central American to the USA. Over the weekend, a caravan of thousands was halted at the US-Mexico borders in Tijuana, Mexico, and the poor gas policemen sent to emigrate the migrants.

Identifying the example of Jewish families who flee to Nazi Germany and families who had been in a hurricane; Looking for the discovery of persecutors in Rwanda, Ocasio-Cortez asked for status and to apply for audio or crime.

One of the answers to her tweet was her; means illegal immigrants how white settlers would be on indigenous nations. This was angered by the conservation writer Carmine Sabia, the administrative editor of Federal Papers.

"Look at the Aboriginal immigration laws that were broken by anyone," he wrote.

The late Ocasio-Cortez breach did not come. "What about a murder?" The 29-year-old, who lasted last month as the woman, young person chosen for his / her Transport, tweet. Follow it quickly by focusing on a set of laws that the US first introduced to protect the wave of non-European immigrants.

"In addition, you do not want to talk about anti-immigration immigrants in the United States so that non-European immigrants arrived, when we passed the Chinese Exclusion Act (That's why the name) and you've all been using the arguments that are so tired of that time. "

GettyImages-1058484564 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks to her supporters during her election night party in her; Queen, New York, on 6 November. She said that the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act was the first law to prevent non-European immigrants to the US. Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

A federal law passed in May 1882, a Chinese Exclusion Act, and ban in the migration of all Chinese workers. It's actually a & # 39; first law enacted to prevent all members of a designated ethnic or national group to enter the US.

The law represented Chinese immigrants as an economic risk for the US, saying they were "incapable" and seven years after the Leaving Certificate Act prevented Chinese women from being killed. move to the U.S.

In 1888, Scott Act expanded the Chinese Prohibition Act to prevent Chinese people who were in the US. to leave the country. Initially expected to last for 10 years, the last law was restored in 1892 by the Geary Act and later made it lasting ten years later.

It would take it to December 17, 1943, to be repealed by the Magnuson Act. The new federal law 105 allowed China to enter the US every year.

The threshold was finally removed by the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act 1952 and the Immigration and Nationality Act 13 years later.

The two laws have been eliminated exclusively of racial barriers and the National Origins Formula – a system of immigrant quotas that had existed between 1921 and 1965, respectively.

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