What is a disease that is harder than AIDS ?: A disease that kills people more than HIV | Cheers


An hepatitis B One of the diseases that spreads each time faster, which is distributed through blood and the corporate slopes and attack the cells snow to make a big difference gold cause everyone year death one million people in the entire planet.

Nowadays, more than 250 million of people transport of hepatitis B virus, a figure that is larger than seven times higher than the HIV patient, recited Nature.

This terrible disease ended life Thousands of people, because of other hepatitis B due to other diseases such as cancer of the world o cirrhosis

This is despite the fact that this change of hepatitis may be stop through a vaccine, and it is also possible to deal with the only medicines antiretroviral used for fighting HIV.

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It is called the disease silent epidemic For in the first instance the transport does not appear signs. The main broadcasting channels are blood, from mother to child during childbirth, or gutting and transfusions of corrupt blood and communication sexuality without protection

An World Health Organization aware that the way they are protected themselves from this disease through a vaccination, who have efficienciesl 95% to avoid any disease poor, it is very safe and will continue to be protected at least 20 years

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