What is a few? Your Person tells your danger


Now that science has been giving us the lowest level of what it is; means feeling "hanging", ready to understand what's going on; in "depression". In a new study, researchers from the University of London College show that people are overweight or complicated at a greater risk of seeing it.

First, take a moment to think of one of the biggest causes of alcohol drinking. Just add, what effect is it; At the drink that attracts so much of that?

Alcohol leaves a great effect on the brain, organize the prize system and dispense dopamine. As a result, the stress levels, the causes, and the negative feelings tend to be significantly reduced. In a simplified language, we love the "ideas" that we get from our favorite drink when we want to spread it.

People who experience their social sense can feel more different than others. When they use alcohol in relevant situations, these temporary effects can help them to do so; settling down and being much more sophisticated than they are usually. The keyword here is "temporary" that we will take to the next morning.

Everyone knows the eel, the disease, the tiredness, and the other physical symptoms that come together. But the new study shows that willingness is willing to; addressing the worst emotional symptoms – and that is, a huge increase in worry while & # 39; as they suffer, which is also called a moderate way.

"This is a sign of social concern where people are suffering or experiencing a social event," said Beth Marsh, the first author of the survey, to Inverness. "Almost they are not currently re-running mentally with the kind of negative orientation that comes from being humorous or socially worried."

After negative thoughts recited as & # 39;Oh, I should not say, & # 39; No & # 39;Oh, that made me look hard,& Examples of a subsequent event process. Although people with social frustration disorder (SAD) have already done this more than others, Marsh believes that alcohol could be worse.

This is because drinking is also a & # 39; affecting our memory, makes it difficult to remember how special events occurred or are they; happen at all. So, when you remember the previous night hanging, a frightening mind is tending to & # 39; fill the gaps in memory of negative things.

This may lead to an unhealthy visit of alcohol dependency that may be dangerous over time. Indeed, research has made a recommendation that 28% of people who have been diagnosed with SAD are also suffering from alcohol use disorders.

Although more research is needed to verify what the studies are considering, these results may be able to; Prepare a conversation that would have a lot to do; assaulting its potential to be banned.

"It's about to be foolish or introvert," said Celia Morgan, a professor of psychology at Exeter University who designed the study, with VICE. "This could help people move from alcohol use. It's a good look. It's OK to be quiet."

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