What is a norovirus? Everything you need to know about what winter is there; send a blog in Ireland


The norovirus, also known as winter wintering, is the largest type of stomach bone in Ireland and its presence, putting people in at this time of year.

The true converter virus causes the inclusion and discharge of the virus; diarrhea, and is often contracted over the Christmas season.

Unfortunately there is no special cure for your virus, just a few things you can do to help it.

Here's everything you need to know norovirus:

Symptoms of norovirus

It's likely that you have a norovirus if you're missing: suddenly its & # 39; Feeling sick, burning probation, & # 39; oak diarrhea.

Some people also have some fever, headaches, pain stomach cramps and arm.

The symptoms appear one or two days after you get up with disease and they usually last for up to 2 or 3 days.

What should you do if you have a norovirus?

If you're getting badly upset and her & # 39; removing, the best thing to do is stay at home so that you feel better There is no cure for a norovirus, so you have to allow running the course.

You usually do not need a medical advice unless there is a problem with a more difficult problem.

To help yourself with the help of your child's or child's marks:

Drink plenty of ways to avoid dripping Next You need to drink more usual until the water is lost from burning and dumping; diarrhea – as well as water, adults may also find fruit juice and broth. Do not provide the children with wild drinks or fruit juices because it can make diarrhea worse. Babies should usually be bait, by a & # 39; taking breast milk or other milk meat.

Take paracetamol for fever or sorrow and any pain.

Get enough rest.

If you feel like eating, Eat simple foods such as brot, rice, pasta and bread.

Use special rehydration drinks Made from sacks purchased from pharmacies if there are signs of dehydration, such as dry mouth or dark stream.

Adults can take antidiarrohoeal and anti-emetic medicine (anti-vomiting) – these are not suitable for everyone, but so you should check your medication or ask your doctor or doctor or doctor for advice before requesting them.

Mountains and young children, especially if they are less than a year old, more risk of drying.

Norovirus can easily spread, so you should wash your hands regularly while you are ill and stay at work or school so far At least 48 hours after cleaning the marks to reduce its risk.

When to get medical advice

You usually do not have to see your family doctor if you think your orovirus is or your child, as there is no special remedy. Antibiotics can not help because it is caused by virus.

Your family doctor can visit the norovirus at risk of putting others at risk, so you can contact your GP or HSE if you are worried or if you feel that advice you need.

While you are & # 39; Caring for a child or yourself to get a medical advice if:

Your child or your child has 6 or more water rods over 24 hours or have moved 3 or more times in the last 24 hours

Your child or child is not more suited, harder, or with a blue peel or coat

Signs of hard work of yourself or your child, such as continuous moderation, give little or no less or no sound or no noise – there is a greater risk of babies and older people being dried up

You have blood diarrhea

Your marks have not started to evolve after a few days

You or your child have a serious problem, such as kidney disease, and they have a relative and removal

Your family doctor may take a sample of your stool to a laboratory to verify whether or not you are receiving a norovirus or other disease.

How to stop a noovirus distribution

Norobhair is easily distributed in public places such as hospitals, care homes and schools.

You can catch it if there are small fragments of bombs or poo from someone with a disease that gets into your mouth, for example:

Notify someone with norovirus – they can produce small hedgehogs that can be used; Include your virus that you may include

Speaking on a laird or corrupted objects – Virus can live outside his body for several days,

Eating food pollution – this can happen if a person with a disease does not wash their hands before handling food

A person with a norovirus is more infectious from when their symptoms start 48 hours after each signal has passed, although they may be infectious for a short time before and after. You will get a norovirus more than once and the virus is constantly changing, so your body can not build up the long term.

Stay at work or school at least 48 hours after the marks are over. You should also visit anyone in the hospital at this time.

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