What is AirPods for cancer?


The United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) have warned that wireless earphones can pose cancer risk.

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Around 250 petitioners signed a petition warning of multiple devices which come through a frequency radio radiation, which uses Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth technology.

Experts will specifically warn of the "AirPods" phones when they arrive behind the ear of his ear, appearing on the sensitive parts of the ear to the radiation of their radiation.

The jury continues to learn whether these devices are actually causing cancer, but there is also a study of a type of radio radiation that is out of touch with cancer.

AirPods, where Apple sold more than 28 million couples last year, listen exclusively to a crowd of listeners, simply connect to the phone via Bluetooth, short radio technology which works by multiplying radio frequency waves Often Energy.

High radio waves are at high altitudes, where heat can heat up, but long exposure to low frequency may arise due to extreme risks. These animals were expected in a typical example of the same animals.

These energy types are strong enough to remove atoms that create cells, but they are not strong enough to change their structure fundamentally. This means that radio waves are less dangerous than high-energy radiation such as x-rays or ultraviolet rays, but long-term radiation at very low frequencies can be a health hazard.

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Last year, the National Health Institutions (NIH) published further evidence that cellular transplantation can cause some cancer.

Scientists, who want more censorship and warning for all types of radio-based methods, are particularly concerned about how compact and close to Bluetooth radiation from an ear canal and the human brain.

The International Research Group (IARC) has identified that electromagnetic radiation radiation is a possible carcinogen. Wi-Fi has also been a cancer risk.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set guidelines for the magnitude of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that allows a range of consumer reflectors to be in operation, but experts have shown that the magnitude of an electromagnetic frequency of electricity is Low level is available at low level.

Breast cancer is one of the forms which produces electromagnetic radiation research.

Despite the lack of research itself on Bluetooth itself, AirPods' close-up of the brain makes it especially important.

Research relating to cancer and electromagnetic frequency levels has also revealed that radiation would provide a telephone cell, which is not different from Bluetooth radiation, on a failure that can create cancer for the nerve connecting the brain and t the ear.

More research is required to clarify the risks associated with each type of electromagnetic field

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