What is diabulimia and why some think that the world's most dangerous eating disorder is


Becky Rudkin stopped releasing the insulin dose and her story she wants to raise awareness Belief: Becky Rudkin

"I'm still alive and my legs are still, which are two of the most important things for me to consider the damage I could do for myself."

He says that Becky Rudkin, one of the leading musicians "Diabulimia: the world's most dangerous eating disorder," a news program with Newsbeat and BBC Three was broadcast in 2017.

The term, a combination of diabetes and bulimia, is used to describe people with type 1 diabetes that add a small amount of insulin to try to control the weight.

"Uninstalling insulin is not unhappy, as you can do everything you want to eat while at the same time losing weight," a & # 39; explains Gemma, 22, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 12 years old.

It is not a well-known doctor's situation, but in UK money of over $ 1.5 million it has been agreed with the hope that scientists can plan an effective treatment plan for people with disabilities, eating order.

In the case of Becky, 30, the ban on insulin prevented the bones of his legs.

Belief: Becky Rudkin

"The doctor told me they were made lite," he said.

But in the worst cases diabulimia can prevent a card and even die.

For now, after 16 months in a unit of malnutrition, Becky does not need to use more crutches or get sessions with her mental health team.

The young Scottish woman is very happy about her future and tells the Newsbeat news program that she has promised herself to her beloved, move in with her, and now she has a dog.

Serious crime

Diabulimia occurs in patients with type 1 diabetes, who are scared because the insulin is infected; They need to cause cause of stress

But it does not use it, your blood sugar level, which is related to poor ill health: blind, permanent damage to the habitats or damage to the strange system.

"It does not follow the medicine with insulin that causes them to die quickly," giving warning to Dr. Khalida Ismail, a mental illness specializing in diabetes.

Becky is involved in her sweetheart
Becky is involved in her sweetheart Belief: Becky Rudkin

It is a dangerous disorder because it is associated with a continuing disease that will be with the patient throughout his life.

"You must simultaneously fight the two diseases," a & # 39; Memories of Nabeelah, another 22 year patient.

Find a cure

The team of medical scientists Marietta Stadler, who works at King's College Hospital in London, will receive $ 1.5 million to investigate diabromimia.

She and her team use that scholarship to try to understand diabetes and interview people with the disease.

"We can not rely on a group of doctors who have an intervention decision, we must rely on the certification of the people who have been living with this, "to define Stadler.

The doctor in charge of the inspection
The doctor in charge of the inspection

It is expected that the research will take a five year period and the current plan is to explain a 12-module treatment plan with one session every two weeks for six months for diabetic patients.

The grant is awarded by the National Institute of National Health Research (NIHR), who decides to fund money for projects that are "exploring clear patient benefits".

Becky says "there's time" to investigate these features, but she is worried too.

"We are all different and we all deal with diabetes and diabetes in a completely different way, so I think it's This is something that can be difficult when it comes to a cure search.

"What can you do in 12 sessions with someone with diabetes? You can only scratch the surface, I do not know if there is a two-week meeting enough," said e.

But Dr. Stadler says that only the "first step" is investigated and after five years of funding, a larger test will need to be taken before a formal treatment plan in the public health service is required.

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