What is expected from CES 2019, the largest electronic show in the world


8K, Internet items and more.

As tradition, this year, the most famous Electronic Computer Show, CES will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, starting next Tuesday.

What can we expect this year? What are the current effects?

The first thing is a television, where big players like LG and Samsung, alongside others, begin to show a & # 39; Their first steps in the 8K of huge spending.

After several years ago we saw these panels, but now they would be in the form of a machine that could be purchased in a few months.

There is an argument that "what I want is because there is no 8K" content and we really remember how many years ago it has been said for 4K and today everyone changing the television, although Full HD was "enough".

In searching for the content, it will also begin to & # 39; shows cameras capable of recording in 8K and certainly this year cell phones with these abilities.

Another strong suspicion is to go to # 39; watch incidental television. We have seen prototypes in previous years, but now they would be ready and ready for trade and honestly, we can not wait.

8k lg

With regard to computers, there is no doubt that a high quality and secure graphic card will be given. Many prototypes are made of futuristic gamers athletes. As you forgot Project Valerie, the laptop with three screens we saw one evening and in a while stolen. We did not, look.

Check the solution of audio resources by deleting sound, and & # 39; giving toes and other types of knees. In this section, what audio it is, it is always unusual in the form of a speaker and it is said that no one will receive from last year. Get Alexa and Google Assistant aboard.

google support

Drones, cameras and more have a place in the show that has not been a real realistic moment for us, and water seems to have been protected. The problem, because we tried even some special things from the American American Don very unpleasant.

Certainly, as every year, there will be more garages that have a car business and if we see something that stands out, we will definitely bring them. In the form of a note, because we can not give it.


The most interesting thing is to run into the things we did not; expectations, and surely this year we get the amazing wonder.

Try next week in Las Vegas, friends, stop our broadcast.

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