What is expected of Samsung Unpacked and the new phones at MWC 2019


It's not the best time to buy a phone, and that's because of the # 39; We're going to go to it; new attack. Many phones. Beautiful phones. 5G phones. Telephone phones if fortunate. That's because it's MWC 2019; , editing this year's previous annual telephone show on & # 39; Mobile World Congress.

It is established as one of the most exciting MWC initiatives in recent years. Apple does not exist, as usual, but this month, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia and more are required on satellite phone calls. There's also a bonus Microsoft news conference to see HoloLens 2 headset.

The MWC 2019 starts on Monday, 25 February with a & # 39; Most of the news conferences that take place on Sunday, February 24. First of all, the premium MWC Galaxy event is Samsung's non-papa. on Wednesday 20 February. Here are the smartphones and tools to look over the next seven days or so – all the information below is based on reducing, and support from the companies themselves and dimensions.

Samsung Neo-parasitic 2019

The cat is really true from this bag with this one. Okay, all genres and images of the forthcoming Galaxy S10 series have enabled them online. But if you want to wait for official confirmation, you will receive it from 7pm on Wednesday, February 20.

If not surprising, we expect Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10E to be named, with Infinity O AMOLED and toll-punch, face-face cameras. In addition to the new design, the Galaxy S10 will be released to create a 6.1-inch screen, Qualcomm, Generator 9820 chipset, Generator, Wi-Fi 6 and three back-end cameras.

The S10E looks to be a definitive phone with a & # 39; Gun with a 5.8-inch display and slightly smaller features such as two back lenses instead of three. And the Galaxy S10 +, if the leaks is upset, will have a 6.4-inch larger display and a double camera. Samsung is also likely to launch a 1TB mobile phone with internal storage – this may be the S10 + or other yet unknown model.

Talking about 5G is also likely to be on the Galaxy Unpacked menu, and we may see a named 5G device. Samsung is also widely translated to show its phones, a video shot in a video promo and TV spot. Based on a flexible technology that has been around ten years in the jobs, the Galaxy X / F / Fold could have been tested at its debugging to hit Huawei and Xiaomi.

Also on the slate for a pre-MWC Samsung event and dropped in the wearable tech Samsung technology tool: a pair of Galaxy Buds Wireless, a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch and a Galaxy Fit fitness controller.


MWC makes a very important contribution to Microsoft this year. His Chief Executive, Satya Nadella, will take place on Sunday, 24 February at 6pm CET with CVP Julia White and a technical technician / engineer HoloLens, Alex Kipman. Without the same Kipman sent a MWC rescue video to YouTube.

Now, fairly enough, there is no apparent promo that belongs to HoloLens, but despite that, the consensus proposition will think that the Sydney-based HoloLens 2 , will be shown later this week. Despite this, Kipman's presence at the event is pretty wild. We can expect clearer, more feasible design for a truly expanded yoga and a wide range of perspectives to solve one of the key problems in the original 2016 tool.

There is also an opportunity for its conference to be more mobile, & # 39; possibly around 5G, what is with MWC.


The MWC Huawei conference is on Sunday, 24 February at 2pm CET. First, we can not see: it is expected that Huawei Mate P30 and P30 Pro will be launched a bit later at an event in Paris in March.

So what's left for MWC? Huawei's most important thing is to make a phone that can be married according to the way Samsung is planned, and his MWC inviting Twitter to & # 39; We recommend that, in fact, we see the Huawei Mate Flex / Mate F / Mate Fold or what's the name Huawei is going to do. From graphics it is likely that we would see a tablet with a screen that goes into the middle to create two smaller telephone outlets that are telephones outside.

At MWC 2018, Huawei used the MateBook X Pro laptop display and three recordings, the MediaPad M5 in both sizes and the M5 Pro. We may probably see these tools increase at MWC 2019 if Huawei stands up with the same release schedule.


MWC also has a Xiaomi where she holds a news conference on Sunday, February 24, just before Huawei. Xiaomi has already been identified as having spent time & # 39; talk about the global opportunity of the new 9 Xiaomi I've published in China this week. The Mi 9 will be launched by a faux-transparent Explorer edition and other indirect ends in blue, black and lavender kilt. Specifications include a back camera position made up of Sony's main 48MP / wide 16MP / 12MP wide area with 2x telephoto zoom, Snapdragon 855 and 6 or 12GB RAM processes. The screen is at 6.39-inch OLED which is the same panel as the Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9 also has a & # 39; 20W wire burst promptly to allow the 3,300 mAH battery to be installed for one hour 40 minutes.

We may also find anecdote about Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, although not confirmed. Xiaomi's own mobile phone prototype, at the same time, has only two pages and looks very promising, far from making sure you get out at MWC. Despite this, maybe it's not; The Xiaomi works can be against an early delayed stop, depending on how Samsung builds earlier this week.


Sony does not show that there are any signs that a business can be stopped; phone. It will be out at MWC with new devices, which may include its famous phone call, which may be named Xperia XZ4. The Sony conference is 7.30m CET on Monday, February 25 and its rescue video includes the title & # 39; Take a new look. That's really uncomfortable and can account for the size / ratio of the new screen, as Twitter users have been in & # 39; ideas, or features of a new camera.

Sony always gives the mid-range of love too, so it will not be about an Xperia phone filled by feature. Following the stamps that come to Europe this month, we could also update the prestigious Xperia Ear Duo earrings for 2019 – they first came as a concept in 2017 before the full show was published at MWC 2018.


It is another technology company that is trying to stay suited to LG smartphones. It has confirmed that we will receive a LG G8 ThinQ this week, with 3D face recognition, a small paper and an OLED Crystal Sound screen that will doubled as a speaker. Based on the latest facts, it may also show a LG 550 5G phone at the event, which starts at 7.30pm on Sunday 24 February.

As a pre-MWC voice, it identifies three mid-range phones, the LG Q60, LG K50 and LG K40. LG has not identified special prices but there are 6.26-inch display with teardrop notches, 3,500 mAh batteries, a fingerprint sensor and a Google Help button at the Q60 and K50. The Q60 also has three back cameras: 16MP, 5MP super-rectangle and a 2MP depth sense.


Nokia is still in the game with a PDD news conference at 4pm on Sunday February 24. It is likely that we can expects to see the Nokia 9 PureView device, with a reality of five or six lenses and camera partnerships with a Light enumeration initiative, as well as being able to reach Nokia 6.2 media and Nokia 1 Plus in budget phones.


The Huawei sub-brand MWC event is planned for Tuesday 26 February at 4pm CET. It has recently been the Honor View 20 in Paris in January, however, and so we do not seem to see another hard-hitting format as soon as possible. It has recently been confirmed that support for 20 years will be supported Fortunately play at 60fps with a 60Hz renewal level in co-game so that there is a connection, and the special Honor Guard Fortunately skin, MWC may have a reference.


The Oppo event is one of the first ones on the album, Saturday, Saturday, February 23. After its official launch in the UK and with large plans for Europe and by launching it. Prototype Discover X 5G, we'll see an official 5G digital phone. Oppo has also confirmed that he will show his MWC hybrid 10x hybrid phones. It is still still visible at least in phone.


Initially, the ZTE Axon 5G – which ZTE already – will be released at 10.30 CET on Monday 25 February and last year's 5G prototype last year. ZTE has also been working on a curved curved phone that can be done under the Nubia line. The teaser line is Flex your life & # 39; and ZTE showed a smart bracelet at the IFA 2018, so the new device may be updated on that concept. It must be so practical that it is used to wait for demonstration shows.

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