WHAT IS IT HECA ?! In European European countryside, primary students learn to play basketball (VIDEO)


Today's support to Odmevi's broadcast on national television has been greatly enhanced, Boštjan Nachbar also responded carefully.

Why did he go? The situation was caused by the situation in the school, and children who go to school with the greatest pleasure are not considered so interesting. Mr Slavko Bobovnik hosted the Minister for Education, Science and Sport, Dr Jerneja Pikala and Director of the Institute of Education of the Doctor. Vinka Loan.

To bring the gentlemen closer to the challenging campaigns on the school system, Bobovnik asked them to; question to children. Logaja asked how to write a Maastricht Treaty in a strike or two, and he had a special work for Pikalle.

Instead of playing basketball in children's exercise, teachers are on the " compelled with a written examination of basketball skills. In addition, write the present presenter and NBA player, Boštjan Nachbar, and, in such a situation: "This is a question for primary school children like this as a professional basketball player that I can not answer. In addition … the defender has disappeared to the left (these terms are not used for at least 30 years) and the old "confidence"? "#odmevi"

Shortly, will your majority agree?

P. S .: The guests in the studio were in a challenging position because they could not answer their question.

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