What is it, how much it will cost and how it works


PlayStation Now: This is everything you need about the new PlayStation service

Do you have the hype through the clouds and you don't know how to handle how much information at the same time? Don't worry, we explain in a very simple way what is PlayStation Now and why it would be good to review your portfolio.

What is the PlayStation Now?

It is a service created by PlayStation that provides an excellent catalog of over 600 games each month for unlimited access. That is to say, it is likely that there would be a catalog of endless games at home, but in a meaningful way.

Is it similar to Xbox Game Pass?

Yes and no. Likewise, Passing Game Xbox, PlayStation Now will allow you to enjoy a huge library of games that you want while you're paying the monthly tax, however, the Sony game doesn't need to be download or install the game. Everything is happening in the cloud, which allows you to play from the PC without needing a console. Although we will see later in the game, you can also download games if you prefer.

How much does it cost?

PlayStation Now Price

The monthly price is a service Per month is 14.99 euro, which may be reduced if you provide the service for a year, when you pay t € 99.99 per annum.

Can I try it before?

Yes, Sony offers a free trial period of 7 days which is limited to each user time. In fact, when you finish it 7 exams, the service will pay automatically to your monthly mode of expression, so pay attention.

What games do I find in PS Now?

Current 600 games in the library include games PS4 (over 250), PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. At the moment you can find big stories like Unlocking the Red Dead, injured by blood, The Last Age and God Of War III; although they do not immediately issue messages as it can take place in Xbox Game Pass. All games are available through the cloud, but if you prefer, you can add the PS4 and PlayStation 2 on PS4 to enjoy the native answer to the title.

Does the list of games come up?

The service will expand its monthly games list, so every 30 days PlayStation Now will publish the new product.

Can I download them to be online?

If you go on a journey and want to play a game on your laptop, you will have to download a game only (when you allow it) to be given a copy in a local area. In this way, you won't need an internet connection to play, although you may need to log in every 7 days so that you can continue to run the copy on your computer. console or PC.

What differences between a flow game and a game Download?

The difference in image and sound quality will be different. The games produced from the cloud will flow with an image quality in it 720p resolution, though you choose to download, they will play at a native answer, perhaps in the PS4 title to 1080p. The sound is also affected in both cases, as when we use stream we get a stereo sound, because we are only bothering in an offline case.

Do you need a PlayStation Plus account for PlayStation Now games?

No. Whether you should be alone or in multi-player games in the games, you will not need the PlayStation internet subscription at any time. With pay Now, it will be enough.

How can I play on a PC?

PlayStation right now

To enjoy PlayStation Now and your PC you need a computer with the minimum requirements including Core i3, 2GB of RAM, 300mb disk space and a Windows 7 Service Pack. have to login to add a translation. t

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