What is it like to compete with Entel, Movistar and Claro? The different vision of Virtual Mobile Operators after the poor management of the Higher


Yesterday's sadness of three True Telephone Phones (OMV) Yesterday was obvious. The High Court decided to rule three votes against two, without denying the application submitted by Netline, OPS and TelecoMax in an old battle against the three largest mobile movements in the country: Movistar, Claro and Entel.

In the process, the MVNO expressed its intention to & # 39; creating access barriers that could block their borders, and ensure that big companies do not surrender to the Free 2011 Free War Court court, which allowed them to provide more resources. It's companies that need to rent lets and buy shorts for their job and that the market share is lower at all times because of the size of the market telecommunications.

The companies showed that they had access to real estate plans that allow them to offer competitive prices to consumers, who refused to. most voting.

But who is behind the MVNOs that opposed the three giants?

PAHO is a company established in 2003 with three engineers: José Luis Zumaeta, Paulo Muñoz and Gastón Lizana. They work with 80 people. They have a presence in Santiago and focus, for the time, on business areas of different sizes. They can not deliver more services, as they would like, they say.

"The industry will never work under these conditions at this time. It was not sent out of this market. We have special places and businesses, but we do not appear in this level that the authority has made. do. At the end, OMV has contracts, but they are not sent to MVNO as those who have a network and have the ability to change ourselves, "he said. The Third PM, José Luis Zumaeta, partner of PAHO.

In this view, Telecommunications Director (Underground) should have a more active role in promoting a free competition between large staff and MVNOs.

In the Pre-Court process, PAHO was represented by lawyer José Miguel Gana. Although TelcoMax was connected to the businessman and the former director of Entel, Konrad Burchard was represented by the lawyers of Mario Bravo and Cristián Reyes. In addition, Netline, under the control of Joel Bendersky, is defended by lawyer Ximena Rojas.

For Oscar Cabello, TelcoMax adviser in the case "understood the TDLC or the High Court that MVNOs are capable of working, it is essential that the major offers of the major jobs will not ; blocking the border. In other words, they did not realize that the prices of a retail price should be lower than the sale prices, in any market share. "

In the opinion of several years ago there is a project underlying Subtel where it aims to develop the potential of the MVNO department that is being developed. dating back to 2017. "There were only expressions of good intentions and not precautionary measures to prevent the outskirts."

At the moment there is a competitive mobile market in Sile, 5 mobile networks operated by OMR (there are two OMV VTR, Wom) and Netline, OPS, TelecoMax, Telestar, Virgin Mobile. There are not many markets that show as many actors.

According to the old Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Rodrigo Ramírez "Underground must create a favorable regulatory environment, to promote a strategy that supports investment in the network while at the same time; provides huge access to networks with mobile operators that do not have a radio spectrum and / or infrastructure, which ensures enough settings to stimulate competition in the markets. "

Competitive market

Oliver Flögel is a very different vision in his chair; board and simple shareholders. The former general manager of Microsoft Chile said: "I do not see this as an inappropriate market." "Changing business margins in recent years is a clear indication that there is a competition. The fact is that four more employees have a fight for leadership to make it more difficult for more capitalized activists to & # 39; competition, "he said.

"The lower margins are the result of a larger competition and fall significantly in unit prices. Sales prices are not always at the same speed as a clear challenge, although I think it's harder to be a legal transaction, "he said.

However, the number of simple writers has been declining in the last three years. Against this, the office added "Our competitive competition has been complex but today we have very good jobs and we hope to take forward the way forward in Chile in 2019. We We would have been more than happy to launch our 4G services, and we will do it in March. "

On the other hand, Manuel Araya, Managing Director and Corporate Affairs of Entel, said "mobile phone market in Chile is always very competitive, with an effective conveyance system, where a & 39; choose to change almost 20% from business base, with the largest number of network operators and MVNO in the department.

In terms of MVNOs, he said "We are the country in Latin America with the largest number of players, who are capable of becoming and who are already part of the Portability committee directory. this is 2% of their market. "

However, the OMV business has recently been ordered. Indeed, the marketing sale made by Falabella, contributes to the sale of the Virgin Mobile sale.

Although VTR has a different ownership. Liberty Global sub-group has grown considerably in the last few years through the signature "VTR Móvil". The company is managed by the Voz Móvil Manager in VTR, Verónica Peña and Lillo Fuentes, on raising its figures. The activity was part of Entel for nine years, according to its LinkedIn.

VTR has a market share that could reach at least 1% by the end of this year, which surpasses Effig and has grown steadily in customers since 2013. It is considered that it reached 0.9988% as part of the market September every 30 day subscriber, according to the latest underground report.

This is a small issue that believes that market leadership is maintained by Entel (31.60%), Movistar (28.14%), Claro (24.56%) and Wom (13.74%).

The Underlying Prophets commented on this article, although the entity was over the OMV situation and its position; evaluate the failure. In so many VTRs, he did not respond to the ones who had been consulted, saying he was not part of the review.

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