What is League A following the National Nations Cup?


What is League A following the National Nations Cup?
After the haulage against Italy, Portugal has a 7-point team in three games, two points ahead of Italy and has certainly been a major player on A, UEFA A League Group A with Azzurri has played four games. The last game on 21/11 only means a method with teacher teacher Fernando Santos with his / her; Poland, only one point after three games has decreased.
The team from Iberia is the first team; to join the UEFA Champions League, which will take place in June 2019. VCK will play in a suitable, including roundtrips, play-making, third-place games and final conclusions. Comparison will be set by lot. In addition to schedule 3, the remaining recordings of class A are still unable to confirm that the team arrives at the finals.

In Group 1, in France and in the Netherlands there are two teams to go for tickets to go and go to. Germany to Class to B after one point after three games. France is the main place with seven points in four games and in the Netherlands with six points after three.

The rest of the record 1 is the conflict between its & # 39; Germany and Holland held at 2h45 on 20/11. The Dutch will be suitable for the finals if they win or draw. If the orange toy needs to be & # 39; Losing Germany, the next team will take the World Championships in France.

In Group 2, Iceland has played the four games and League B had recursions after the loss of the four. Switzerland and Belgium both teams; competition for tickets. Belgium is first ranked by 9 points after three benefits, and Switzerland seconded with 6 points.

The two teams will meet each other in a & # 39; The last game of the group will take place at 2h45 on 19/11. Swiss tickets will win if they win 1-0, 2-1 or 2 or more goals. Belgium will proceed with any other results.

The position in Table 4 is the most complex when the three teams are capable of going on. Spain has a tabletop with 6 points after 4 games. He finished the second with 4 points in three games, more than Croatia in regard to a visitor difference.

England and Croatia will be tackled in the last game of his & # 39; 4 at 9pm on 18/11. The winner of this game is self-operative and the team will be lost to League B. If both teams come together, Spain will be the next team. Croatia will launch if the score is 0-0. If compared to another score, the three teams will be reduced by law, if two equal points are made, the signs related to direct arbitration will be considered.

What are the benefits of the teams in the League League VC?
The UEFA League League certification will decide which team will be. seeding in the EURO 2020 broadcaster. Team in League A are rated from 1 to 12 (depending on the situation in the league, scores, scores). numbers, overall goals …). Team 1-10 teams will be placed in Group 1, the other two (and other teams from League B) will be placed in Group 2.
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