What is Rydzyk's pension? No one was expecting


Tadeusz Rydzyk is a real controversial in the media. Most often because of his house. Information related to its income is still a mystery. Although it gets large subsidies from the state, it does not have a & # 39; case of retirement is so clear.

Tadeusz Rydzyk he is unhappy to talk about the money he receives for his work. Usually, the media will complete their inquiries; uncomfortable problem solving. Sometimes it's different. Some of the information has been published by PiS politicians and it shows that they are able to have a clear impact on the Redemptorist's image.

It is a special interest in the case of a pension, which, as anyone who fulfills specific conditions, is usually Tadeusz Rydzyk. But does he find it?

Tadeusz Rydzyk has retirement pensions?

As it appears – this is not a simple case. According to official information, he does not retire from Rydzek's father. He has strict rules in the Order that he will not let it. In that case, will he spend the autumn in poverty? Unnecessary. After that, it is well funded on both sides.

Who funds Rydzyk's foundation?

The case related to PITs was particularly high in the media. According to Wirtualna Polska, Tadeusz Rydzyk Parliamentary and senatorial offices have expired to allow officers that work there to help people who Filling in forms (especially for older people).

However, this is not an independent help. To be able to take advantage of this convenience, you must volunteer to move 1% to the station & # 39; Nasza Przyszłość & # 39 ;.

TV Trwam and journalists working for Radio Maryja regularly pay 1 per cent incentive. In this way, in 2015, according to Wirtualna Polska, the 5 million PLN amounted to a baseline account.



Biedronka must be embarrassed on this! Worms in material that they love

According to another port (OKO.press), during the two years of the Law and Justice party management, a 80 million PLN was made to Rydzyk. Part of the amount, or less than a million, is public money. Half or 40 million were attacked by global energy.

The Lux Veritatis Trust did not feel bad. Information is terrible. Apparently, he got a PLN 26.5 million. What else will money be made? It is worth mentioning, for example, the "Longstanding Reminder" project, which was jointly funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the number of 200,000 PLNs. zł. The Environment Ministry will also occasionally cooperate with the Trwam TV station. For the air quality programs in Poland, the office paid just over 300,000. zł. PLN was 2.9 million to the Social and Media Culture High School, which helped develop.

So it seems that it is like the financial finances of the entities that are under the control of Fr Rydzyk, who does not have to worry about how life will disappear.

Father Rydzyk Estate

Although it is the result of the rules of the order that does not possess any property, but it will use saved goods for foundations and other bases governed by Tadeusz Rydzyk.

A few years ago, a media storm started when he learned that he was driving … Maybach and is a geothermal tourist resort (which visits listeners radio regularly). Officially, however, he is living in a small room in Torun, where he is in a position; manage everything.

Surprisingly, Rydzyk can add anything to be recorded on the 83th place on the 100th most prosperous Bill list.


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