What is seen by Martín Fierro de Radio


The delivery of Martín Fierro de Radio was held one day longer than planned, since it was scheduled for Sunday but was suspended due to its. last game between the River and Boca for the Libertadores Cup. So all the guests at the Sheraton Libertador Hall Hotel had to re-organize the last minute installment agenda. And this caused many of them to not get there in time …

Healthy chairmen The distribution started by Net TV, which was registered for 21, at 20:30. And, even though the agents were responsible for running those who are in attendance for a & # 39; staying in their places, the fact is that the seat was close to the platform and was designated for the most important, completely empty personality.

The menu. Unlike other delivery, where there are usually general complaints about food, this year everyone was praying for them; the restaurant. The route includes burrata mozzarella, satellite salmon, roasted tomato mix, basil pesto and oil powder. The main dish was made of steak eyes cooked at low temperatures, spicy-packed sparkling pumpkin, terrine pancetta and potato. For dinner, cauliflower apples, red fruit, coconut canache and vanilla ice cream were serviced.

The big album. Pinky and Cacho Fontana Share them the same record. And, obviously, they did not stop welcoming and overnight photography. One of the great references he was; The radio that came up with congratulations Héctor Larrea, is responsible for giving thanks to them on the stage. Seeing the three together, he did not; Mauro Viale can only help him to end his hands.

Was it wrong? Although painted, many agreed that Carolina was Pampita Ardohain lost her to choose gold dress for the ritual, which was attached to the back of the set and, sometimes, she gave a vision as another state …

Disorder The guests of Radio Mitre were so pleased with her. It was possible that they made a newspaper that made a paper with APTRA magazines and threw them to the air when they got Martín Fierro. The product? His division was completely dirty and tough.

Coquetísima. Well, still a wheelchair, Distribution He showed out of his cover. And, in each court, he took the opportunity to bring his ready out. Diva

I talk and & # 39; go. Driving the red brass, Luciana Salazar He went to his table to keep a glass of water and, immediately, he continued saying he had other commitments. And even a bit!

Most photos It needs to be great Sol Pérez, who did not stop being pushed for selfies during the night. In fact, when Children of fluency I was taking notes in the newsroom, Jonatan Viale and his team from Viale 910 were indented and gave him a "prepo" to add to her, group of the program.

A tears? One of the famous celebrities Ramiro Bueno, son of Rodrigo. The young man was pleased to participate for the first time in the Martin Fierro awards ceremony, but he did not have much fun for himself or her lover; watch the march of the awards.

Onwards Marina Calabró He can not avoid the tears while & # 39; as it was a recommendation Distribution and Cacho Fontana, in which Larrea also told his father, Juan Carlos Calabró. And he asked to hold hold in the arms of his lover, Martin Albrecht, who did not leave herself at any time.

Great mystery The question was the night yesterday Luis Ventura I was going to continue on or ahead of APTRA after this award. Finally, it was learned that the journalist had expired after retiring his retirement office and decided to continue until he finished, in December 2019.

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