What is the best to lose weight: food or exercise?


Many of them have to lose some kilos, but they ask themselves: "What's the best to lose weight: exercise or diet?"

Dr. Donald Hensrud, director of the Mayo Health Health Life Program and author of the Diet Clinic Mayo book, says that this problem is false.

"It's really interesting to see the impact of a diet against physical activity," said Dr. Hensrud. That is because diet and exercise carry out a range of responsibilities.

"To lose weight, the diet is more effective than physical activity. You need to do a lot of physical activity to lose weight, but the loss of energy reduces the loss of calories , "to add to the doctor.

However, when the required weight reaches, exercise is much better so that these shelves do not come back, and explain Dr. Hensrud.

"So, diet and physical activity are just as important. A diet may be more important to lose weight and physical activity so that he can not get back," he said.

In any case, it is not always wrong to focus on diet and exercise at the same time.

10 reasonable advice to lose weight

José Cajías is a firm based at Dr. Feelgood, a specialist center for the loss of non-surgical stress in its settings and which, trying to achieve the goal through a comprehensive formula that connects key key features: change of practice, coaching, exercise, nutrition and medical guidance and in-service technology in support.

Based on his knowledge in the field, Give us some of our key tips so we can get a summer tune:

1- Attacking the problem in an important way:

Challenging efforts are not likely to be successful, especially in the long term. On the other hand, if you are dealing with the problem from different scenes, such as food, physical activity, health or psychology, it will add more opportunities to solve the problem from its antibiotics.

2- If you want long-term products, focus on your customs:

The species of the rules are listed in the subtletion. Not to be aware of you, your customs prescribe your life because you can not control them hard. To change the way you need 66 days to be consistent. You will find more information about the nature of your customs to change it effectively.

3- Efforts to balance and cost balances:

In the short run, to lose the extra kilos, you need to spend more flaws than you use. Only this way you can burn the energy (fat) in your body. In the long run, and after performing the weight you want, you must keep the balance between spending and energy spending, as it is safe to recover the weight.

4- Reduce the consumption of processed food:

Food-consumed foods have a huge impact on stress, and that is why you should try to stop them or reduce them. Its caloric proportion is much higher than a non-transferable food.

For example, there are 471 Calories in 100 grams Granola Bar. In comparison, fruits, such as Mango, contain 60 calories per 100 grams.

5- Eat rich fiber foods:

In general, all grain and grain, ice cream, vegetables and fruit are rich in fiber.

As a result, food calories are low in foodstuffs and should be damaged for a longer period, which increases the amount of time we spend; used for eating and giving us more sense of attitude.

6- Do not drink:

Meracle diets usually tend to die without a scientific basis. Although you lose weight sometimes, do not forget that the weight is achieved due to unfair, unfair, bacterial feeding that can not be maintained over time.

It's not usually lost 4 kilograms a week. On the other hand, the loss of a successful focus means "#; lose 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week. If you miss more than 1 kilogram a week, you'll be lamenting more than just overweight, you also want to. Missing a variety of muscles that are essential for the metabolism.

7- Maintaining positive situation and environment:

Many times even the closest ones we have to use our sabotage and a deep desire to lose weight. The influence of mind and your environment that directly affects your mind and your mind, can be fundamental to address the challenges faced by it; including loss of weight. Stay away from the environments or those who do not help with their; process.

8- Simplify your daily goals:

It is the basis of the changes in consolidation and achievement, you must be reasonable in line with the daily goals you have organized. You need to make the conditions easier so that persecution can then be found, the error is to be & # 39; Set you too hard and ambitious at the beginning like to start the & # 39; The first day is to tread 10 kilometers when you've never done it before, because that will be done. antisocial behavior and you want to leave.

9 – Drink plenty of water:

It is essential for your body to work well and also help you to; manage your level of activity. It will carry the nutrition, and # 39; help to divide, & # 39; digging and destroying the cells from the same. Adults should be 30-35 ml per day / day kilogram.

That is said, if you value 60 kg, you should handle 1.8 liters of water a day. The induction should be carried out gradually throughout the day and every food should be taken with a glass of water. Between the furnaces, at least 4-6 glasses of water can be converted.

10 – Physical activity:

Try doing exercises that make the best use of burning fat burning, that is, the ones who are going to do it; The operation of the aerobic system, such as bicycles, epysiotic, trot, zumba or rapid speed. Develop this with muscle work, to activate the metabolism and to wear more calories.

It is proven that the associated exercise causes a greater loss of weight and body fat. If you have some time, add body activity with your current and is consistent. For example, See the teleserie to do a physiological, go to work; walking or cycling, etc. …

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What is the best to lose weight: food or exercise?

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